Wish List Donations For Dogs & Cats In Animal Shelters: What Non-Profits REALLY Need

Love dogs?

Want to do something — even if it’s small — to help abandoned animals and pet care facilities in your area?

See what’s on your local animal care center’s Wish List this holiday season…

By donating a few items to your local animal shelter (or your favorite veterinarian’s office), you’ll be making a huge difference.And you’ll feel GREAT about doing it.

The best part: No one will judge you for the type, quantity, or value of items that you choose to drop off at the animal shelter.

Most animal care facilities are in need of so many basic necessities just to keep the place running, that they would be thrilled to receive just about anything that’s dog or cat related!

Wondering what’s on the animal shelter wish list this holiday season?

Actually, it doesn’t even have to be holiday time…

These are some of the items that my local animal shelter (and most other animal care centers) appreciate year-round.

TIP:If you order items online — like from Amazon — you can have them shipped directly to the animal care facility!

Donations For Dogs & Cats:

Dog food and cat food – unopened bags & cans

Dog crates – all sizes

Cat carriers

Dog beds/pillows (new or gently used)

Cat litter (some use more than 300 lbs each week!)

Stuffed dog toys (washable rubber or plastic ones are best)

Chew toys for dogs (Kongs are ideal)

Blankets, towels, comforters (new or gently used)

Sheets & towels – all sizes

Bowls – all sizes (plastic or metal)

Toilet seat covers (cats love to rest on them!)

Large jars of peanut butter

Large chew bones (my dog tires of them after a few weeks, but they’re “like new” to other dogs!)

Used leashes & dog collars

Dog shampoo

Tennis balls

Donations For The Facility:

Laundry detergent

Dishwashing detergent

Paper towels

Bleach, bleach, and more bleach (some use up to 10 gallons a week!)

Clorox and Windex wipes (I’m sure just about any brand of wet wipes would work)

Brooms (bleachable)

Metal dustpans

Postage stamps

AA and AAA batteries

Large garbage bags

Ink pens & sticky-note pads

A working washer/dryer (used is fine… if you get a new one)

A variety of health care & medical products

Latex disposable gloves (size large)

Gift certificates to feed stores, pet stores, pet grooming, or office supply stores

And don’t forget…

You can always give the gift of your time and expertise as a volunteer or a dog foster parent!

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