Are Human Foods OK For Dogs To Eat? See Which Ones Are Safe… And Which Ones Are NOT!

Wondering which human foods are safe for dogs and which ones are not?

Here are the foods to AVOID giving to your dog (human foods that are poisonous to dogs), as well as those which are OK for pets (human foods that make great dog treats).

Plus, what you should know if you decide to offer table scraps and other people foods to your dog.



Who Gives Dogs Human Foods?

Some pet owners make a habit of feeding their dogs table scraps. (We don’t.)

But generally speaking, most people stick to serving dog foods to their pets day in and day out.

Of those pet owners who choose to give their dogs human foods, many reserve it for special occasions (holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or maybe your dog’s birthday) or times when you’re nursing a sick pet back to health.

Due in part to the increased popularity of Kong toys, more and more pet owners are also choosing to supplement their dog’s diet with a variety of human foods that are given as “treats”.

Of course, there are some people who are dead set against giving dogs human foods and they think it is completely inappropriate to do so.

Others refrain from giving their pets store bought dog food altogether, and choose instead to include only all-natural human foods in their dog’s diet or even a raw food diet for dogs.

Whatever your views are on dog diets in general, I think it’s safe to say that your dog will ingest at least one human food at some point in time — either with your knowledge (as a regular diet, or as table scraps or dog treats) or without your knowledge (maybe from the garbage, or given to your pet by someone else).

This begs the question:

Which human foods are safe for dogs to eat?


What do I need to know if I decide to give my dog foods that were originally intended for people?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

You should always consult with a veterinarian before introducing your dog to any new food item.

That said, following are the best tips I’ve found with regard to feeding human foods to dogs…


Be Careful What You Feed Your Dog

Not all dogs are alike.

Just because someone else’s dog didn’t have an adverse reaction to a particular human food doesn’t mean that your pet will behave the same way. Your dog could react differently to the taste of the food, or he could even have an allergy to one or more of its ingredients.

You don’t want this to happen to your dog!

Therefore, whenever you are introducing your dog to a new food (or combination of foods, such as those in Kong recipes be sure to test it out while you are home so you can monitor your pet’s reaction.

The odds are very small, but there’s always the chance that your dog could be allergic to a particular food, or it just may not sit well with your dog — causing upset stomach, diarrhea or vomiting. Sometimes, even the smallest change in a dog’s diet can cause an adverse reaction.

Also, when introducing people food to your dog, start slow. A dog’s digestive system is different from a human’s and it doesn’t do well with sudden changes — like switching from all a standard diet of dog kibble to a diet that includes some human food. (Here are some tips for determining human food portion sizes for dogs.)

Okay, now onto the specific human foods which are safe for dogs and which ones are not…


Human Foods That Are NOT Safe For Dogs

Following are all of the foods and edible items that are potentially dangerous to dogs (along with links to the sources which cite those items as being harmful and why).


TIP: At the very least, you should avoid feeding your dog human foods that are salty, sweet (high in sugar content), or fatty.

These human foods should not be given to dogs — especially in large amounts:

  • Alcohol 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Apple seeds 1, 2, 3
  • Avocados 12, 3, 4, 5
  • Bones (cooked) 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Bread dough (raw yeast) 12345
  • Caffeine 12, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Chocolate 12, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Coffee (grounds, beans, brewed) 12, 3, 4
  • Corn cobs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Eggs (raw) 12, 3, 4
  • Fat trimmings 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Fish 1, 2, 3
  • Garlic 12, 3, 4
  • Grapes 12, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Liver 1, 2, 3
  • Milk/ice cream/dairy products 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Moldy foods 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Mushrooms/mushroom plants 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Nutmeg 1, 2, 3
  • Nuts (macadamia nuts, walnuts & some others) 123456
  • Onions and onion powder 12, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Pits from peaches, plums, cherries & apricots 1, 23, 4, 5, 6
  • Potato leaves, stems & green skins 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Raisins 12, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Rhubarb leaves 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Salt 12, 3, 4
  • Tobacco & nicotine products 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Tomato plants/leaves/stems 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Xylitol (found in sugar-free products) 12, 3, 4, 5, 6

IMPORTANT: If you suspect that your dog has eaten something that was bad for him or become poisoned, contact the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435. This is a 24-hour a day hotline that operates 7 days a week 365 days a year. (They charge a nominal fee to your credit card for the immediate response and expert advice that could ultimately save your dog’s life.)


Human Foods That ARE Safe For Dogs

The good news: There are many people foods that are safe for dogs to eat!


I encourage you to look at the ingredients that are listed in DIY homemade dog treat recipes as well as homemade Kong stuffing recipes to find some fun combinations of dog-friendly foods that your dog will love.

Here are some of the most popular human foods that pet parents routinely give their dogs:

  • Apples (no seeds)
  • Applesauce
  • Apricots (no pits)
  • Baby food (all-natural)
  • Beef (scraps)
  • Berries (fresh and frozen)
  • Bouillon
  • Bran cereal
  • Bread (without raisins or nuts)
  • Broccoli (raw)
  • Carrots
  • Cashews
  • Cauliflower (raw)
  • Celery
  • Cheerios
  • Cheese (American, cheddar)
  • Cheese Wiz
  • Chicken (cooked, no bones or skin)
  • Chicken broth
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cream cheese
  • Croutons (plain)
  • Eggs (cooked)
  • Flax seed (ground or oil)
  • Ginger
  • Green beans (canned, no salt)
  • Honey
  • Melons
  • Mint (helps with bad breath)
  • Nectarines (no pits)
  • Oatmeal
  • Orange slices (no rinds)
  • Organ meats (giblets, liver, tongue, heart, gizzards
  • Parsley
  • Pasta noodles (cooked)
  • Peaches
  • Peanut butter (creamy or chunky, preferably all-natural)
  • Peas
  • Pineapple (fresh or frozen)
  • Popcorn (no salt, toppings or kernals)
  • Potatoes (mashed, no butter, skin or green parts)
  • Pumpkin (canned)
  • Rice (cooked)
  • Rice cakes
  • Squash
  • Sunflower seeds (unsalted)
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Tomatoes (no greens or stems)
  • Tuna (and the juice from canned tuna)
  • Turkey (cooked, no bones or skin)
  • Yogurt (plain, lowfat, unflavored, unsweetened)

Here’s a good list of plants & herbs that are safe for dogs, plus a list of ones that are not.

And here’s a simple list of all-natural ingredients that are safe for dogs.


A Word Of Advice About Trying New Foods

Before you introduce a new food to your dog, there’s one other thing that you should take into consideration: the “begging” factor!

In our household, we’ve noticed that our dogs tend to beg for people foods any time they smell something they’re familiar with. On the other hand, if they’ve never tasted it before, then they don’t beg for it.

For that reason, we have only introduced 2 human food items to our dogs: peanut butter and bread.

Our two dogs eagerly awaiting their bread & peanut butter stuffed Kongs. Our dogs love bread!

They get those on a fairly regular basis as treats — usually mixed in with regular dog kibble in their Kong toys. When it comes to filling Kongs, we layer ingredients inside the Kong toy using various combinations of those 2 human foods and other store-bought dog foods, treats, and Kong-friendly products made specifically for dogs.

To give you an example, any time we crack open a jar of peanut butter (…wait, I mean move the peanut butter jar from the pantry to the counter!) or open a loaf of bread, our dogs start salivating and licking their lips in anticipation of getting some. Yet we can hold a big ‘ol steak in front of them, and they don’t blink an eye!

So just remember, once you introduce a particular food to your dog, there’s no going back. They’ll always want some of yours whenever you’re eating that food in the future.

We’ve also reserved a handful of other human foods for times when our dogs have various ailments (like diarrhea) or need to take pills. Those foods are: rice, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, and plain yogurt. They make the process of giving pills so much easier. However, yes, our dogs do tend to beg for them now when we’re eating them ourselves. So be careful about which foods you use to associate your dog with a good experience!

On a related note, here’s a list of plants that are not safe for dogs, as well as a list of those that are safe.

Lynnette Walczak

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  • Kristina

    Can dogs eat beets spinach or cabbage? I make homemade dog biscuits and I wanted to try some veggie ones and was going to possibly use these in a powder form thanks

    • Anonymous

      FYI people with boxers!!! The best thing I have found for our boxers “farts” so they don’t stink is Yogurt… They still fart but do NOT smell real bad and are a lot more tolerable then with out Yogurt. We put it on his food every night and it works wonders. You should experiment how much to use. (Took us about a month to figure out just the right amount.)

      • FunTimesGuide

        Oh, that’s a good one! Thanks for sharing your recipe for eliminating stinky dog farts 😀

    • Paula

      They can definitely eat beets – dried beet is used as a filler in some of the higher end kibbles.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the site but my vet told me that apples were not good for dogs,

  • Jon

    Great post. I once fed my boxer crab and learned that he was highly allergic when he came up to me an hour later with bumps all over his face and body. A little Benadryl cleared it up promptly.

  • ntay

    my dog is depressed and won’t eat his food. what can i feed him?

    • Mira

      I add a bit of plain yogurt to my dogs food when they aren’t interested. Be sure you check ingredients of the yogurt, some are full of starches and such.

    • KaD

      A number of nice things can help pick up your dogs interest in food. Try adding a little bit of olive oil ( Also help his coat stay glossy, and good for general dry skin and itch) Plain white yogurt, unsweetened. (Also helps gassy dogs, and dogs with yeast problems in their ears or on their coats) Unsalted, natural broth makes a little gravy in their dry food. (Also you can put a few teaspoons of broth into a dogs water if they are sick and you’re worried they may not be taking in enough water.) Canned green beans may grab his attention, sugar snap peas, fresh apples, or broccoli… Beef scraps from your dinner, no cooked bones, or if he’s really truly depressed, you may want to make sure he’s getting enough exercise. He may just need some time to go out and play, get some sun, and work up an appetite.

  • claudia

    what is somthing that is supa simple to feed my pup from human food only (as a treet)

  • fat dog owner

    My dog begs for every human food. He just knows what it means when we have a plate or bowl, knows the sound of silverware moving, etc. It doesn’t matter if he has had the food or not, hes learned my human eating habits, he wants to try a bite of everything.

    Therefore, I’d have to say the statement that giving them the food in the first place is what makes them beg for it later on; is incorrect.

  • Maria

    My dog is on a diet and loosing weight. My vet said she needs more fiber to feel full BUT low cals because my dog still feels very hungry. Shes been on a diet for the last 6 months. Can I feed her quaker oatmeal? Thanks

  • FunTimesGuide

    Maria – Yes. Preferably plain/original oatmeal (instead of those pre-flavored packets). Plain oatmeal is good for a dog’s sensitive stomach.

  • Krista and Maya
  • CelisticMarion

    Is the list you have at the bottom of the page of the foods god for dogs? The list has cottage cheese, cheddar cheese, plain yogurt and rice. Are these okay for dogs?

  • CelisticMarion

    Alana, I suggest making dinners for your dogs. I do it sometimes as a treat for mine and they love it. I make some brown rice, cook some organic chicken(it has to be plain everything, no salt or spices) then I add some carrots and peas. I cook the chicken till it is done add it to the rice add the peas and carrots then give it to my dogs. They love it and I have noticed that they have more energy and a healthier coat. If you want her to eat dog food add a little in with the meal, plus add a little chicken broth. Eventually you can work all of the rice and chicken and veggies out and just feed her the dog food with chicken broth. Good luck!! =]

  • gery

    can dogs eat salmon?

    • Kaitlyn H, LVT

      As long as it is cooked, absolutely!

  • fifsfughufhwd

    How do you know a dog is allergic to something?

    • Snicks

      A food allergy heats the blood which makes them very itchy. A dog that constantly scratches the face, feet, ears, forelegs, armpits and the area around the anus are probably allergic to something if it be contact, mites or food. Best bet is to take the dog to the vet if he/she starts scratching more than normal.

  • jean

    my dog loves apples

    • Snicks

      My dog will do anything for apple 😛

      • Mira Crowley

        I think apples are crack for dogs! :-) My dogs are addicted to apple and carrot

  • Lindalein

    My dog doesn’t eat at all and he can play all day long…what is good for him? Help

  • Clockha1

    In the Caribbean our dogs eat every and everything we eat and they live long healthy lives. Leftovers are mixed with dogchow, some dogs eat fruits(mangoes) and vegetables.

  • Hi

    this is helpful, but our dog gets hotspots, and we don’t know if it has to do with her food. is it?

  • Xeanbean

    I have a toy poodle she is brown and 2 years old i feed her egg sometimes but mostly chicken, rice, carrets and I microwave it with the plastic rap on it. Is this bad for my dog? Okay mayby shes not my dog but she is my friends.

  • Sparkle_98

    I have a toy poodle she is brown and 2 years old i feed her egg sometimes but mostly chicken, rice, carrets and I microwave it with the plastic rap on it. Is this bad for my dog? Okay mayby shes not my dog but she is my friends.

  • Zara4

    Good one! I learned Lots! :) :) 😐 :)

  • Blt4awl2c

    All you idiots who give a DOG any kind of food other then DOG food, grab a can of Alpo,a forlk,and DIG IN!!! Dog=dog food-People=people food-Cat=cat food….see a pattern here?

    • Jansenss04

      Canned dog food hasn’t been around for centurys…. how did dog’s eat before alpo

    • Wolf-Man

      Shut up biscuit sucker! It is perfectly fine to give your dog “human food”, as long as you avoid the toxic ones. My great grandparents had a dog who only ate normal food, and that dog had a healthy life which lasted for 15 long years! Which is also much longer than any dog YOU ever raised i wager.

      • Mybrowndog62

        I have had dogs for over 40 years and they all ate table scraps.  My last chocolate lab who was fed generic dog food supplemented with scraps lived to be 18 and I finally had to let her go due to really bad hips.  I think that as long as you stay away from the “toxic” people food that is the way to go.  That way you don’t waste people food and the dog is happy.  All of my dogs have lived to be 16 or older on that diet.

    • Barbara-Jean

      An opinion is one thing, derogatory(not sure if this spelling is correct) comments are an entirely different story.  Please people, are there not enough negative things out there that we have to endure the negativity on a site that is supposed to be informative and helpful.  Just sayin.  Hope you all have a wonderfully pleasant evening.

    • Lori

      Are you kidding? I’m a veterinarian and my healthy 12 yr old dogs have eaten what I eat since they were puppies. They snack on dog food if they want to eat in between our meals. Are you saying manufactured dog food has been around since the domestication of dogs?

  • Jason28leo

    My roommate feeds his dog human foods and because of this, anytime he sits down to eat, his dog constintly stares at him , licking his chops , while he is eating and it drives me crazy that he lets this behavior go on. Is this a bad behavior for the dog? My roommate says ” he’s not begging, he’s just looking at me.” and “he isnt doing anything wrong.” But I beg to differ. I was always taught that dogs only eat dogfood and they should always be corrected if they beg while humans eat. So, my question is, Is it bad behavior for the dog to sit and stare at my roommate while he eats?

    • FunTimesGuide

      I think the correct answer here is: it depends. It’s only bad behavior if the parties involved don’t approve of the dog’s behavior. In reality, your friend and his dog could live a long happy life together doing this sort of thing. So — for them — it’s not bad behavior. They have adapted to a new normal, so to speak. But if your friend happened to not like the dog staring at him all the time when he’s eating, then yes, it would be considered bad behavior and the dog owner should take steps to modify that behavior. The fact that your friend doesn’t respect that you’re uncomfortable with the dog’s behavior at the dinner table… well that’s a different issue. Some might consider it rude. On the other hand, it’s his dog so he can do what he wants as long as the dog’s not physically hurting anybody. To be fair to all involved, since it’s partly your house too, I think you and he should try to come up with a “new normal” that satisfies you both 😀

  • NB mom

    I am having issues with my 5 year old black lab….she is grabbing the food on the counter for the past 4 days now. I was out of the country for a week and she was with my boyfriend whom she’s been with from day 1. Every time she sees me out the door the past 4 days, she would grab whatever and eat it. What should I do????

  • Sheila

    my dog is a picky eater and he is very skinny. he is a long haired chiuahua and maltese mix. it scares me how picky he is. if i feed him dry food he nibbles here and there. i mean the same bowl will sit there for days. wet food messes with his digestive system(if you know what i mean) i do not eat meat but i heard bacon is okay to fatten him up but what can i do every day to put meat on his bones?

    • FunTimesGuide

      Gosh Sheila, That’s really a question for your vet. I say that because longerm periods of not eating often signify something bad going on inside. If it were me, I would definitely get my vet’s opinion before I started trying different things myself.

      Immediately, I’d give him treats & Kong toys loaded with peanut butter mixed with the healthiest high-protein dog kibble you have access to. (PetSmart & local mom & pop pet stores usually give free samples of the good stuff.)

      Consider getting a few “real” bones from the butcher — they have small pieces of raw meat on them. I give one to my dog every month or so & he loves it. (He’s only allowed to eat them ON a towel, ON our deck outside.) We like the longer femur bones the best — because a dog can get the bone marrow from both ends AND strip all the little bits of meat off the bone itself. Plus it’s great for their teeth. These bones don’t splinter — just make sure you get bones that are MUCH bigger than your dog’s mouth size (like the femurs).

      Don’t forget to at least CALL your vet for a professional opinion though…

      • Frank Niezelski

        That is terrible advice. Those femur bones are known to crack teeth and are not edible. Raw beef or pork ribs, raw chicken drumsticks, thighs and necks, etc are good for dogs. Weight bearing bones ARE NOT. Ever see what’s left of a deer carcass after the coyotes are done with it? Pretty much just weight bearing bones.

    • Cindi Bates

      bread is really good to fatten a dog up

  • Ernest Magsino

    My poodle ate a “pejoy” stick awhile ago. the filling inside was chocolate. but it was just a small amount. will she be okay? :( i’m worried. :(

    • FunTimesGuide

      Ernest – It depends on your dog’s weight and the amount of chocolate and your dog’s own ability to process chocolate. All dogs are different. Watch for signs of diarrhea and/or vomiting and/or behavior change. If you notice any of the above, take your dog to the vet immediately.

    • Takel Merriweather2011

      My mother has a dog and she rads a lot about them. She said that chocolate is like poison to a dog. If she is still acting ok and normal with the eating then nothing shouldnt happen to her. Just make sure that she is actin like herself.

  • Sweetpeach4444

    I am shocked that you would recommend Cheese Whiz for dogs. It has artificial color, corn syrup, sugar, salt,preservatives, and garlic powder. These ingredients are BAD for dogs.

  • Kathy6325

    I have to give my dog a liquid medicine for seizures.  What is the best way to do this besides holding him down.  What kind of food is the liquid safe to hide in?

  • missy

    do dog allow to eat piece of tortilla?

  • disqus_fU6rSwdtZk

    can my dog eat a rock?

  • Mark San

    yea cause dog food springs out the earth like flowers and plants, dog food is made with human food lol. IDK since when everyone seems to have a leash up there ass about feeding there dog human food…. if they were never domesticated they would be out there eating what we eat and cook raw lol. Stop being dumb and give your dog table scraps if he deserves it. Nothing wrong with some rice and chicken after a nice swim and run. Dont give it chocolate obviously and other harmful food (research them) but come on…. this is crazy lol

  • Robin Thiem Sutton

    I have a terrier with extreme skin allergies. I have tried everything. Lamb and rice, chicken absolutely nothing in the bad category. Do you have any other suggestions? He has to get steriod shots and I know it is shortening his life.

  • Groomer Girl

    Your list has several contradictions therefore I would consider it as a
    GUIDE LINE only. For best results ALWAYS ask your veterinarian. My dog
    is on the raw foods diet and has been for years. She has never been
    healthier. What did dogs do before humans processed the heck out of the
    foods and turned them into tiny kibble that their teeth are NOT designed
    to masticate?

    P.S. One of the TOP selling all natural dogs
    foods brands uses Avocados as a main ingredient. It’s called AvoDerm and
    it’s slogan is “a miracle in every bag” True.

  • Jennifer Sill Willing

    Don’t feed your dog berries; they contain xylitol.

  • Carla Watts Sadlier

    My dogs typically only get a well balanced dog food, however, I do use human food as treats. Their favorite treat is Broccoli, They also like fresh greenbeans.. I keep them both in the fridge to use as treats. They are nonfat and a healthy snack for treats. Also, when they are not feeling well and having tummy issues I will cook rice in a chicken broth and feet that to them. It seems to help settle the tummy. I think dogs need veggies to have a healthy, balanced diet.

    • FunTimesGuide

      Great ideas, Carla. Your dogs get the healthy side of human foods 😀

  • carmijok

    Looks like dogs need to be vegetarians according to this list! And only
    COOKED turkey and chicken with no bones or skin? Are you kidding?
    Dogs are domesticated WOLVES! They’re animals with instincts to forage
    and kill for their food. I doubt seriously you’d see a pack of dogs in
    the wild choose to dig up and eat raw carrots if there was a chicken
    coop close by.

    I give my dog meat scraps and fat from my table
    mixed with dry food and when I have leftover melted bacon fat I will
    pour that over her food as well. Occasionally I will give her a raw egg
    mixed with milk and a pinch of sugar. She loves cooked carrots…those
    that have been roasting with the chicken whose skin I also give her.
    Oh…and pork rinds make a lovely treat for dogs instead of those
    expensive ‘treats’ that have zero nutrition. My Polly is 13 years old,
    trim, and has NO gray hair on her snout…she likes her daily
    walk…demands it really… and only goes to the vet for her annual
    shots. According to statistics for her breeds ( Collie/Goldie mix) she
    should have been dead 3 years ago–or at least living on borrowed time.
    Her coat is shiny and super thick and she has no skin issues. As long
    as she is happy and healthy I will continue to feed her this way and
    follow nature’s advice…not ‘experts’.

  • Sarah

    My dogs have stolen whole bags of chocolate before and they are still fine. I mean, sure, some dogs can’t eat it and it’s probably not the best thing for them if they eat it continually. Obviously that can be bad. But it’s the same for us. Oh, and I don’t know about how bad it is for egg yokes and whites (even though my dogs have eaten them) but egg shells are actually good for your dogs. They make a dogs fur healthier and softer.

    • Holly

      You must have gotten lucky, as human chocolate contains theobromine in it, which is the part of chocolate that makes it supposedly deadly to dogs. As little as 7.5gm of chocolate can be deadly to a dog.

  • lynne

    My 4 month old Shih Tzu loves carrots, green beans, apples and her most favorite treat peanut butter. Is it OK to break off a corner of the same seeded bread that I eat and put a little peanut butter on as a treat. She’s a very active little girl and is always hungry even though she eats three regular – measured meals a day. Treats are fillers for her.

  • Kristin Porter

    What doesn’t make sense to me is the fact that they say liver shouldn’t be given and yet on the list of things you can give your animal it states that you can give organ meat which they have liver listed. I am not too confident in this list – yes there are things on here that I know can and can’t be given due to researching myself. I do a raw food diet and you can give raw chicken with the fat plus raw eggs … do you honestly think that the dogs in the wild have their food cooked for them??? My dog has never been healthier and more satisfied with a raw food diet. He sheds less (he is a Lab) – his weight is healthy – when I fed him a diet with a really good supposably healthy dog food – he constantly was searching for more food the moment he got done with eating. Now on his raw food diet – he never begs or searches for more food. He actually eats until he is full which supposably dogs don’t know how to do that and are always wanting to eat. Dog foods have so much fillers and carbs in them that dogs are constantly drinking water in excess – now my dog only drinks enough water that his body needs and he also has less of a need to urinate unlike when he was eating regular dog food. I also don’t understand why they put bouillon cubes and chicken broth on the list of healthy foods when it states not to give them things with salt. Bouillon cubes have a lot of salt as does broth unless you make it from scratch. Also my dog can eat raw fish but it has to be whole with the skin left on it. Bones should never be cooked if given to animals and never give them large bones that are weight baring such as the feemer bone. Is rice really that great? Rice isn’t a diet for dogs. Also bread – dogs don’t make bread in the wild. Also the wonderful thing about a raw food diet — my dog has the healthiest teeth ever – the vet and groomer never have to clean his teeth due to his diet. Although dogs that eat dog food – have dental problems a lot and their owners have to keep up on their dental health.

    • me

      My friend took her fur baby to a holistic animal doctor and she recommended a raw diet for Gracie and it helped for a time..

  • Kenneth Thompson

    What an amazing list of what your dog can and cannot eat.

  • Beth

    I just found out after a costly vet bill that my Border Collie has a very senstive belly and can’t digest any kinds of people food. He just spent 2 days in the hospital after eating a few cheerios with bloody diarrhea and a temp of 102.7 and wouldn’t eat nor drink anything. So as far as I am concerned he will never get any kind of human food again. Not saying it is bad but it is deadly for my dog. So I am just asking before you give your pet any kind of human food your not sure of please check with your vet before doing so.

  • trista

    Hi i have an american bulldog and he wont dog food and now he wont eat people food what can i do i have tried everything

  • hora

    All are true, we have six children different sizes, and one girl was have two operation, Doctor found a I call rock in a urinary track, and all system are damage, now need eat especial food in can. Peoples not believe dog are in many way like Human, suffer some ill, not all dog are alike with digestive system include human. Another thing are that cheap food selling in a animal store, many are real poison, in especial when made in China. last operation cost 500$ plus a especial food who are not cheap. Many peoples see what food give to a dog, but don’t see what poison food eat. Are a lot of very bad food for human, like all fast food, that business not care peoples care a make money. Beacon who American love are another enemy, pork are real no good too, and over a time that peoples became sick high bad cholesterol. I remember my mother was make own home Perogi and cook a beacon and my father was love that oil, I was real hate.

  • darshan

    Hi I’m feeding curd for my labrador dog is it good for it plz reply?

  • my sick dog

    my dog has been getting sick with in 15 mins after she eats her food. I switched her foods and still no difference I started giving her chicken broth and then chicken noodle soup. She held it down no problem I even gave her beef soup. She holds down all human food but not any kind of dog food. any ideas?

  • FunTimesGuide

    Great info, Teresa! That article is filled with lots of helpful tips 😀