Dog Care 101


Pet Costs: 21 Clever Ways To Save Money On Everyday Dog Care

You want to keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible. Right? Sure you do. But you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do it. They say that we spend roughly $1,500 a year on each of our dogs, depending on size. Veterinarians tend to put that figure closer to $2,000 […]


Want To Adopt A Bichon Frise Dog? Pros & Cons Of Bichon Dogs

Many people are drawn to the Bichon Frise breed of dog because they are cute dogs with friendly personalities. However, it is important to know all of the pros and cons of having a Bichon before you commit to owning one. Here’s what you need to know…   Lynnette WalczakI like to help people find unique ways […]

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Dog Tricks & Training Tips


How To Train A Dog To Stop Barking At The Doorbell

Does your dog bark when she hears the doorbell ring? Is it driving you nuts? You’re not the only dog owner to experience this. Let’s face it, it’s a natural reaction for your dog to bark at the doorbell — because she’s learned over time that the doorbell ringing means someone is at the door. […]

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DIY Dog Grooming Tips

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Health, Wellness & Safety


Is Pet Insurance Worth It? Here’s How Pet Health Insurance Works & What To Look For

As a dog owner, you dread the day you have to choose between your savings and your dog’s life. However, with a good pet health insurance plan, that day never has to come. The right pet insurance plan will cover your dog’s yearly checkups, vaccines, minor ailments, and major surgeries. It’s worth noting that the average healthy dog will accrue about $5,000 in veterinary bills over […]

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Dog Food & Treats


Dr. Mercola Healthy Pets Treat Review: Dental Bones For Dogs

I’ve heard good things about Mercola healthy pet products, but haven’t tried them… til now. In fact, ever since my dog started taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin after tearing his ACL, I’ve considered trying the Mercola supplements instead of buying them from Costco. When the folks at Mercola Healthy Pets asked if I’d be interested in reviewing their dog dental […]

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Fun Dog Stuff


10 Best Toys For Dogs With No Teeth (Or Few Teeth) And Senior Dogs

After our post about caring for a dog with no teeth, the next logical question is: What about toys for dogs with few teeth? I rescued a 9 year old dog recently. He had all his top teeth removed and some bottoms missing. Any toys that you found were fun for your dog without being painful […]


6 Funny Dog Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Little Or No Sewing

Dressing up your dog in funny outfits is a secret pleasure that we’re all guilty of. Must see: Pictures Of Dogs Wearing Halloween Costumes As long as the costume is not restrictive or uncomfortable, many dogs can learn to love their fun outfits and enjoy the extra attention that comes with being dressed up. Halloween is the best time […]

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