Do You Know Dog CPR? 3 Simple Steps For Performing Pet CPR On Your Dog

Just like humans, our dogs can unexpectedly become injured or sick — causing them to stop breathing or go into complete cardiac arrest. Dog CPR could mean the difference between life and death for your dog.

I have been certified in CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) for many years. The same general principles used to rescue a person will work effectively on your dog as well.

While researching this topic, I was very surprised to find writers for a number of legitimate websites have apparently never taken a CPR course before. Their information was sadly incomplete and sometimes dangerously inaccurate as to the proper sequence required to perform CPR on an animal, or a human for that matter.

If you’re a dog owner, I would encourage you to learn how to perform dog CPR, so you will be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Here’s how to do pet CPR in an attempt to save your dog’s life…

Signs That Your Dog May Be Choking

First, you need to know the signs.

If your dog is doing one or more of the following things, then your dog could be choking on something:

    Being aware of your dog’s current health issues and knowing how to properly treat them may help you avoid emergency situations that would require you to perform dog CPR in the first place.

    Oh, and be sure to keep an eye on your dog at all times. Anything from chicken bones to rocks to toys could become lodged in your dog’s throat and block his airway, as evidenced in this video:

    Truth is, there are many documented cases of mouth to snout resuscitation where a dog has successful
    ly been brought back to life after having stopped breathing. It really works!

    Are you prepared to save your dog’s life with pet CPR if you need to? 

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