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Thinking Of Selling Dog Items On eBay? Here Are Some Quick & Easy Tips…

I never really thought much about selling dog items on eBay before… until recently.

Soon after the holidays were over, I realized I was in the mood to purge unwanted (or unneeded) items from our house. Who needs all this stuff???

And I found that I had some old dog things that were still in fairly good condition, so…eBay to the rescue!


About the same time, I came across some great tips for selling things on eBay including dog supplies…

Before You Sell Dog Stuff On eBay

We’ve talked about how to find great dog stuff on eBay, now let’s explore some great tips for selling dog-related items there.

  • First and foremost, check out these 4 great tools for selling items on eBay. They will be helpful when you are creating your personal auction page to sell your dog items the fastest.
  • Then, check out the Pet Supplies section of eBay, which includes all of the different categories of dog supplies. Try to choose the best category for your item — the category that will bring the most attention to the item.
  • Finally, take a look at all of the current auctions featuring dog items. By exploring what other people are selling — and how they’re advertising it —  you’ll be able to one-up those auctions by making your item look better or different than those. (Of course, you can also get some good starting ideas from those examples.)

Some Doggie Things I’ve Sold On eBay

  • Puppy-sized dog clothing that my large dogs had outgrown
  • Gently used dog food & water bowls
  • Doggie bandanas & fun headwear for dogs (seasonal dog hats, doggy ears, etc.)
  • Halloween costumes for dogs
  • A box filled with dog toys & chews that my dogs never enjoyed
  • Old dog leashes (when I upgraded to new ones)
  • A box of random dog supplies (poop bags, unopened dog treats I got as samples, etc.)
  • Dog books (some were breed-specific, some about dog training & dog tricks)