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Fun (and Funny) Snow Dog Pictures

Here’s a great collection of photographs which feature dogs enjoying a winter wonderland…

Our dog's paw print in the snow & ice on the back step.

My dogs aren’t lucky enough to see much snow around here.

We only get a dusting one or two times each year… That, and a lot of ice!

To satisfy my desire to watch dogs playing in the snow and enjoying all things snowy… I share with you this collection of fun and funny snow dog pictures.


I’ll show you who’s boss!…

dog-peeing-on-snowman.jpgRudolph leading Santa Paws on his sleigh

rudolph-dog-pulling-santa-dog-on-sleigh.jpgTastes like… chicken!

dog-licking-snow-off-face.jpgI know you’re under there somewhere…

snowy-dog-face.jpgGreat balls of snow!

great-balls-of-snow-on-a-dog.jpgA dog’s tongue can reach almost anywhere!

dog-licking-snow.jpgLeapin’ snow puppy!

leaping-snow-puppy.jpgTolerance?… or Survival?

dog-buried-under-snow.jpgDog appreciates the art of making a snowman out of snowballs

dog-making-snowman.jpgHe’s got his “snow legs” on… or at least his snow socks

dog-wearing-snow-socks.jpgSweet kisses

dog-kissing-snowman.jpgNow those are some big snowballs!

biggest-snow-balls.jpgDo over!… A doggie snow angel gone wrong

making-a-dog-snow-angel.jpgThe best dog snow sculptures

poodle-snow-dog.jpg snow-dog.jpg