Dog Basics 101: Find Answers To Your Dog Questions

Welcome to The Fun Times Guide to Dogs — a dog blog filled with helpful dog questions & answers, plus lots of fun dog stuff!

Start here to learn dog basics and find dog supplies, whether you are caring for little puppies or big dogs.

This dog info is provided by long-time dog owners who have years of experience raising dogs from puppyhood through the senior dog years.

Our aim is to help current and future dog owners by sharing our own personal experiences while separating dog myths from facts on things like:

  • Daily dog care tips
  • Puppy training advice
  • Homemade dog treat recipes & dog food
  • Dog grooming how-to’s
  • Behavior modification (dog training tips + fun dog tricks)
  • DIY home remedies for dog health issues
  • Best dog supplies
  • Senior dog tips
  • And everything in between!

Our ultimate goal is to help you find ways to save time and money… while having a lifetime of fun with your dog.

This dog blog is interactive as well as informative, so please share your own thoughts and questions in the comments.

It’s a place where dog owners share all the best dog tips and ideas, plus fun stuff that you can your dog can enjoy together.


Start here…

Dog Care 101 – tips for new dog owners, plus answers to your basic dog questions

Dog Training Tips – how to modify bad dog behavior, plus dog tricks to impress your friends

Dog Food & Treats – DIY dog food recipes, homemade dog treats & dog feeding tips

Dog Health & Safety Tips – home remedies for dog health issues, pet warnings & safety tips

Dog Grooming – DIY tutorials, plus tips for dealing with dog shedding, stains & odors

Fun Dog Stuff – dog pictures, dog videos, dog gifts, toys, games & more

About Our Dogs – our experience with dogs, photos and highlights of our current dogs

Thanks to you!…

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