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I’m a first-time mom. I work from home and write — mostly about my outdoor adventures, DIY projects, newly discovered products, and helpful tips as a first-time mom. I also like to share details about the alternative choices I’m exploring, as I enjoy this journey called motherhood. My family includes a toddler, 2 stepchildren, 1 dog, 1 cat, and a wonderful husband. My pre-pregnancy life was full of freedom and adventure, so I have a fresh new perspective when it comes to walking away from a career to become a full time stay at home Mama.

Want an orthopedic dog bed? I made my own cheap no-sew dog bed from memory foam for HALF the price of buying a new extra large dog bed! See how I made cheap dog beds for my large dogs myself.

Have a dog (or 2 dogs), but no fenced-in yard? You'll enjoy these DIY dog tie-out ideas! See the overhead dog trolley system that we use for our 2 dogs.

I have 2 large dogs. They pretty much go wherever I go! See my list of dog travel necessities (7 dog car safety items + 7 clever dog travel accessories) -- the most important things to pack for dog car travel, plus a few clever dog car accessories you probably haven't thought of.