The Pros And Cons Of Rawhide Dog Bones & Chews

Rawhide bones and dog chews are made from the skin of cows. Rawhide is an inexpensive treat for dogs, and many people keep a stock of these on hand for their pets. However, controversy has been brewing over the safety of these rawhide treats for dogs.

5 Key Points For Housebreaking An Older Dog

It can sometimes be more difficult to train an older dog not to pee or poop in the house. Here are 5 important points to consider when housebreaking an older dog — including how to housebreak a dog when you’re busy and away from home a lot.

Abandoned Dogs Left Behind In Home Foreclosures

Hopefully, the next time you’re interested in getting a dog you will consider picking your pet from a rescue shelter. But please do some homework first to ensure that your new dog doesn’t wind up back at the shelter in a few months.