Brown Dog Foundation + Organizations That Help Dog Owners Pay Expensive Vet Bills

The world needs more non-profit companies like this one…

The Brown Dog Foundation is from my neck of the woods.

I’m so delighted to hear that something like this is finally available.

The Brown Dog Foundation helps dog owners who are faced with expensive vet bills in order to save their dog’s life.

As long as you are willing and able to pay a portion of the veterinarian’s cost to save your dog’s life, the Brown Dog Foundation will help pay the rest.

We know that each Emergency Vet Clinic in the US encounters 3-5 families every day who bring a pet in with a treatable condition, but due to some temporary financial crisis, they opt for euthanasia because they can’t afford treatment. We want to give every family an option. That is why, everyday, we are out there raising money so if you find yourself in a financial crisis when your pet needs Veterinary Care – you don’t have to think twice. Turn to Brown Dog Foundation for help.

“We raise money so you can have peace of mind.”

Check out the story from the local TV news (…which also includes a video).

I first learned of the Brown Dog Foundation on Dogster’s Dog Blog.

Other Sources Of Financial Assistance For Dogs

Following is a list of organizations that help dog owners with emergency pet care and vet bills.


Angels 4 Animals
Through their Program Guardian Angel program, they verify that the pet owner is unable to provide the funds needed to save their sick or injured pet. Then they work out the financial arrangements with the vet clinic and authorize the treatment needed to save the pet. The owner is never asked or allowed to reimburse Angels4Animals for any of the money provided to save their animal.

Big Hearts Fund
They help fund necessary veterinary care for the diagnosis and/or treatment of canine and feline heart disease.

BirchBark Foundation
They provides financial grants to animal owners who are unable to partially or fully cover the cost of their pet’s emergency or critical care. Geriatric pets are not eligible.

Brown Dog Foundation
Dedicated to helping families who find themselves in a temporary financial crisis at the same time their pet requires life-saving treatment or life-sustaining medications.

Canine Cancer Awareness
They work with veterinarians in order to provide care for dogs with cancer whose families cannot afford treatment.

Care Credit
A credit card for veterinary care. You get special financing and low monthly payment options, no up-front costs, and no-prepayment penalties so you can keep your pet healthy and happy.

Give Forward
Create an online fundraiser to cover the cost of veterinary bills. This site makes it easy to raise money for your pet’s medical bills.

Handicapped Pets Foundation
Dedicated to the health and well-being of elderly, disabled, and injured pets. They donate mobility equipment to pets in need.

In Memory of Magic (IMOM)
They do everything they can to help a sick, injured or abused companion animal regardless of species or breed — because “companion animals shouldn’t have to suffer or die simply because their caretakers are financially challenged.”

Jake Brady Memorial Fund
Providing compassion and hope for companion animals. Their goal is to provide funding for corrective, suitable, and life-saving medical treatment to companion animals of families in need.

Magic Bullet Fund
If  your dog has been diagnosed with cancer, they provide assistance if your family can pay for part of the fees, but needs help for the rest.

Paws 4 A Cure
Helping families that are in need of non-routine veterinary financial assistance for their dog or cat.

Pet Chance
Set up an online fundraiser to help pay for you pet’s vet bills. To eliminate online fraud, Pet Chance pays the veterinarian directly once treatment has been provided to your pet. The hospital/clinic sends an invoice to Pet Chance and the invoice is paid within 30 days.

They focus on bringing animals from crisis to care. One of the ways they do this is by providing financial assistance to pet owners and animal rescuers to obtain urgent veterinary care.

Reidel & Cody Fund
Families with pets that have cancer and have a realistic chance for a positive outcome can receive financial assistance toward medical care.

Rose’s Fund
This group financially assists pet owners and Good Samaritans who have an animal with a good prognosis for a healthy life, but are at a financial loss.

Sam Simon Foundation
Saving the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of people, this mobile veterinary clinic provides free surgical services to families with a total household income less than $40,000/year, and the pet must already be sterilized or be sterilized at the time of the surgery.

The Mosby Foundation
They provide non-emergency assistance with pet treatment that is needed but has not yet been performed.

The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund
They help meet the financial needs of dogs and cats that have definitive diagnosis of malignant cancer.

The Pet Fund
Provides financial assistance to owners of domestic animals who need veterinary care. They assist pet owners in covering medical costs beyond the normal expenses of vaccination, spay & neuter surgeries, food, and routine veterinary care.

Top Dog Foundation
They assist in situations where the owner wants to keep their aging dog (10 years of age and older), but cannot afford procedures or medications necessary to allow for a good quality of life.

The Onyx & Breezy Foundation
Helping pets receive necessary medical treatment that cannot be covered by the pet owner at the present time. Payments are made directly to veterinarians, pharmacies, etc.

Shakespeare Animal Fund
After the loss of a beloved Cocker Spaniel “Shakespeare”, who died after an expensive illness, this group was founded to help others who might face financial problems while trying to save their pet.



Australian Cattle Dogs

Bernese Mountain Dogs

Boxer Dogs


Golden Retrievers

Great Pyrenees


Labrador Retrievers

Pit Bulls

Tibetan Spaniels




  • Animal Emergency Care Fund – They help you find a veterinarian or emergency hospital in your area that will allow you to make payments or allow the AECF to make payments on your behalf.


  • For Pets’ Sake – Aiding the elderly and special needs pet owners in northwest Arkansas who are on very limited budgets with their pet expenses. Through their Best Friends Program, they provide emergency pet food, assist with pet transportation for veterinary and grooming visits, provide short-term pet sitting for hospitalized senior or special needs pet owners, provide financial aid for vet care of existing pets.


  • Actors and Others for Animals – They help the pets from low- or fixed-income families receive needed veterinary care in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties.
  • Animal Assistance League of Orange County – Provides financial donations to low-income, elderly and disabled pet owners who need help with transportation, emergency and routine veterinary care, as well as pet food supplies for those suffering financial hardships in Orange County California.
  • Animal Rescue Foundation – The ARF Emergency Medical Fund provides low-income residents of Contra Costa County, California with low-cost, non-emergency veterinary care for their pets.
  • Face Foundation – Provides financial assistance for emergency veterinary surgeries and procedures directly to veterinary hospitals for pet owners in San Diego county who are facing financial hardship. Pet must be diagnosed with an immediately life-threatening condition with a good-to-excellent prognosis if treated.
  • Labrador Harbor – They assist when a dog residing in California is in need of medical/surgical or training intervention over and above routine care (vaccinations, basic obedience, spay/neuter, shelter) and the family cannot provide these things due to lack of funding.
  • Ohlone Humane Society – Through their Companion Animal Special Assistance Program, they provide financial assistance to Fremont, Union City, and Newark residents with limited incomes whose companion animals have emergency veterinary or other needs.
  • Paw Fund – They provide free mobile vaccination clinics, plus they have a Medical Emergency Fund that operates based on extreme need.
  • The Acme Foundation – Provides quality vet care to seriously ill cats and dogs of low income senior citizens and the disabled in Lake County, California.


  • Cartwright Foundation – Helps responsible pet owners in the greater Denver/Front Range, Colorado area with financial assistance for unanticipated medical or surgical costs for their pet(s) when it has been determined that without this assistance, the pet’s life or well-being is in jeopardy.
  • Colorado State University’s Companion Care Fund – Those who can prove financial need  receive $100 after they’ve exhausted all other possible financial resources.
  • Colorado State University’s Pets Forever Program – Helps low-income elderly and disabled Larimer County residents maintain ownership of their pets for as long as possible, and to improve the health and well-being of these pets and owners by providing needed help and resources.
  • Pet Samaritan Fund – Provides financial assistance to individuals unable to afford medical care for their pet in Salt Lake and the surrounding are.


  • Fox Memorial Clinic – Provides veterinary care for animals whose owners are in financial need.
  • Star Relief and Pet Assistance – They assist Connecticut residents who are experiencing financial challenges with routine and emergency pet care.

District of Columbia

  • PETS-DC – Dedicated to improving the health and well being of people living with HIV/AIDS or other disabling conditions and their companion pets. They provide pet food, veterinary care, grooming, and more at no cost to individuals in the Metropolitan Washington area.
  • Washington Animal Rescue League – If you’re a resident of Washington, DC and make less than $51,000 annually, you may qualify for discounted veterinary services.


  • Frankie’s Friends – Pets with life-threatening illness or injury who are recommended for Hope Fund support by their attending veterinarians in the Tampa/Clearwater area can receive financial assistance.
  • The Pet Project –  People living with a terminal disease in Broward County, Florida can receive pet care and maintenance at low or no cost.


  • Pets are Loving Support – Provides pet care including free food and basic veterinary care and support to the companion pets of senior citizens, critically ill, and disabled Atlantans who are physically unable to work.

New Jersey

  • God’s Creatures Ministry – Through their Veterinary Charity Fund, they provide up to $50 per pet, based on need.
  • Pet Pals – Provide services to the companion animals of financially needy people living with terminal, chronic, debilitating illness as well as financially needy seniors
    residing within these geographical coundaries: Camden County, Gloucester County, Burlington County and Salem County.
  • Vet-i-Care – They help with  treatable, yet urgent, conditions as long as there’s a good prognosis following treatment.

New York

  • NY Save Animals in Veterinary Emergency (SAVE) – Their goal is for every pet owner residing in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City who is truly in need of financial assistance to be able to take their pet to any participating veterinary hospital for emergency veterinary care.


  • DoveLewis Velvet Assistance Fund – Provides financial assistance to low–income pet owners in NW Portland. Helps cover the cost of medical treatment in an emergency.
  • Hand To Paw Fund – Providing financial support for emergency vet care in Oregon.



Assistance Dog United Campaign
Provides financial assistance to individuals who have the need for an assistance dog but have difficulty in raising the necessary funds and to people and programs whose purpose is to provide assistance dogs to people with disabilities.

International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
Through their Veterinary Care Partnership (VCP) program, the IAADP assists dog partner members to provide help for their canine partners if a sudden illness or injury requires high cost veterinary intervention, beyond their financial means.

Shore Service Dogs
They provide custom trained Service Dogs that help return mobility and independence to people’s lives. They also help you get financial help for the costs associated with getting and keeping a service dog.

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