101 Best Dog Tricks

101-dog-tricks-book.jpgHow many of the following tricks can your dog do?

Does your dog perform any cool tricks that aren’t on this list?

I honestly can’t imagine many more dog tricks that could have possibly been left of this list!

This list of 101 dog tricks originally appeared in the Seattle Times (03.10.05).

It was compiled by Kathy Sdao, an associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist based in Tacoma, Washington who has spent the past 2 decades as a full-time professional animal trainer.



101 Dog Tricks

Want to keep that dog of yours intellectually stimulated?

Here are 101 tricks you can teach your curious canine, courtesy of dog expert Kathy Sdao.

The #1 key to success?… Dog treats!


Level 1 difficulty Dog Tricks:

Our dog baring his teeth  on command.

1. Bare teeth (be a wolf, or what do sharks look like?)

2. Bark

3. Bark silently (whisper)

4. Beg

5. Toss a toy in the air

6. Bow

7. Circle around me

8. Cock your head to one side

9. Crawl

10. Did you wash your hands? (dog sits up in beg position but shows pads)

11. Dig

12. Fan the flames (two paws)

13. Cover your eyes

14. Gimme four (realistic version of gimme five)

15. Growl

16. Kiss

17. Let go of rope

When teaching 'touch'... our  dogs usually lick the hand -- as seen here -- but later, they learn to just touch the hand with their nose. 18. Nod your head

19. Nose touch to hand

20. Nose touch to other objects (naming objects or just pointing)

21. Play dead

22. Prewash dishes for dishwasher (just wanted to see if you were paying attention)

23. Push things with paw (like doors, drawers)

24. Put paws on a person’s shoulders

25. Ring bell by pulling string

26. Ring bell with nose

27. Ring bell with paw

28. Roll over

29. Rub muzzle on floor

30. Shake hands

31. Shake your head

32. Shake yourself

33. Sit on couch with front feet on ground

34. Stand up on rear legs (sooooo big!)

Puppy barks... We've always taught our dogs to 'tell me' and then to 'whisper' from a young age. 35. Speak

36. Speak LOUDLY!

37. Speak SOFTLY!

38. Spin

39. Wag tail

40. Walk backward

41. Wave

42. Sneeze

43. Where’s your tail?

44. Whimper

45. Yawn


Level 2 difficulty Dog Tricks:

46. Balance treat on nose, then toss it up in the air and catch it

47. Carry purse or other bag

Our dog retrieving the newspaper. 48. Fetch newspaper

49. Fetch slippers

50. Find/bring keys

51. Find/bring dog dishes

52. Find/bring leash

53. Find/bring TV remote

54. Get a toy by name

55. Wiggle ears

56. Heel backward

57. Hide your eyes/paw over nose (shame on you/do you like tuna?)

58. Hide your head (nose touch under cushion or blanket)

59. Howl (heard the Spice Girls’ latest CD?)

60. Keep barking until some subtle cue

61. Lead another dog by the leash

62. Limp

63. Moonwalk (scoot backward in a bow)

64. Open doors

Our dog wearing a hat. 65. Permit the wearing of sunglasses or hat

66. Pick a card (from a deck)

67. Pick the hammer (paw to indicate correct tool)

68. Pull a cart

69. Pull on harness: pulling kids on sled, pulling laundry basket or cart, pulling firewood

70. Pull on rope — close doors, open doors, open cupboards, pull wheelchairs

71. Pull your wallet out of your pocket

72. Lower/raise head while lying down

73. Push something with the nose (e.g., ball)

74. Put a toy IN something

75. Ride a cart

76. Ride a skateboard

77. Roll in cued direction

78. Rub back on floor

79. Rub muzzle with paws

80. Smile

81. Shame on you (hide head under chair)

82. Sit in a chair, paws on table

83. Teabag search: Dog searches 3 people sitting on floor or chair for teabag held in their hand

84. Roll yourself up in a blanket or towel

85. Take a bow, twirl, and take a bow

86. Take money from someone else and bring it to you!

87. Walk sideways

Our dog playing soccer with basketball. 88. Jump up into handler’s arms

89. Weave between your legs

90. Climb a ladder

91. Dance

92. Fetch a hot dog

93. Kick balls with paws (soccer)

94. Lead people (take wrist gently in mouth and take them somewhere)

95. Learn names of family members and carry messages back and forth

96. Nose touch to designated colors or shapes

97. Ride a horse/llama/other dog

98. Roll over with ball between front paws

99. Stop dead on cue

100. Walk up stairs backward

101. Fetch beer from fridge


How to teach your dog some of these tricks.


Or, check out the new book 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance. You get step-by-step instructions for teaching your dog 101 fun dog tricks. Some examples from Kyra’s book:

teach-dog-to-wave-goodbye.jpg teach-your-dog-tricks.jpg

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  • Mary

    I love this book! My chocolate Labrador Retriever and I are currently making our way through it. He is about 8 months old and he knows sit, down, up, stand, crawl, speak, paw, high five, turn circles, come forward, go back, wave bye bye, drop it, hold, give, give me a kiss, stay, peakaboo (his favorite – I can’t get him to stop doing it now) and we are working on the weaving through my legs now. He absolutely loves trick training too. I use the clicker with him and as soon as he sees it come out he gets excited. He even brought it to me once and stared at me until I’d get up and work on tricks with him. He won’t do “rollover” though. I was reading somewhere where rolling onto the back is a submissive trait and dogs that aren’t submissive have a harder time with it? Anybody ever had any problems like that before?

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      Mary – yeah, I think I’ve heard that before too. And it does make sense.

      In my case, our 4-year-old 90-lb black lab mix is VERY submissive, but he still won’t rollover.

      I think part of the problem is we’ve waited until this long to try to teach him how to roll over. Up til now, we’ve always praised him for just half-way rolling over — so we could see his belly or give him a belly rub. So that probably doesn’t help. Plus, he’s a big ‘ol lanky dog and I can’t help but think it *feels* weird to some dogs to pull all that body weight over completely to the other side, when they’re not used to doing that. Just my $.02 :-D

    • Name

      A lab at 8 months old wont like rolling over on hard floors. It hurts their backs. Keep trying on soft floorings (blankets/grass) when it reaches 1.5-2 years old it will be allot easier and more willing to roll around for food/toys

    • Olivia

      I have one dog that is freaked out every time I try to roll her over and one dog who is happy to roll over, for some dogs its scary because they’re defenseless, others dont care. I doubt the dog will ever be completely comfortable but you can try to desensitize him to it.

  • Anonymous

    how do i get my dog to do number 22?

    • shantell

      you go and put a small dish put it where the dog can get it then cut the water on then pick up the dog near the sink and he will do it.

  • kali

    The best dog trick I’ve ever seen was the Bang you’re dead, and the dog fell to its side. THEN the owner (my friend) said, “Dead dogs don’t breathe,” and the dog would hold it’s breath. There is no way not to die laughing when you see this.

    • Croxgirl

      my dad teaches all of our dogs this trick some can do it with your fingers like a gun with no bang the others had to use bang but they dont move until you take out the bullet. Everyone loves it my kids can get them to do it too

  • Justin

    You forgot “Go get me a beer!” :)

  • Amily

    my dog poos on cue

  • doglover

    so many tricks – i personally think that only a Border Collie or Poodle could do all these or Jack Russell

    • ashley

      i personly think that 2 cause ihave been trying an my dog may olny do 1/4 of thease triks an i know alot of syuff that she will do an i go an do all the obedensens an agility classes an compitions with me an some friends an i know what dogs can an cant do an ALOT OF THIS COULD B VERY FARMFUL 2 THE DOG DEPENDING WHAT BREED OF DOG IT IS so i complitly agree with u

    • Pika3123

      Depends on the height, actually.

      My 13 month old Pug (known as stupid, stubborn dogs) knows

      Loose walking
      High five
      Play dead
      Around (opposite direction to spin)
      Hug (Jump into arms)
      Close the door
      Up (stand up and place paws on my fore arm, just something i taught him to help him learn to trust me when he was little)
      Leave it
      Close a laptop
      Watch me
      Jump over my leg
      Jump in a box

      I’ve only had him for 9 months.

    • Greene

      My Blue Heeler gets most tricks within 3 lessons.. I can hardly keep up. I know a man who can teach a dog to talk “HI MY NAME IS JIM AND I’M YOUR NEXT PRESIDENT” LOL any ways the book is a great starter

    • melly_:)

      true and they dont give you the steps instead just go to http://www.loveyourdog.com they give you tricks and the steps to do it with your dog!!

  • Macattack95

    it says about opening doors, but my staff opens then closes (if u ask him to close it :P)

  • Donna Sue

    My dog, Butterbean (boxer/austrailan shepherd mix) says his prayers, sits and puts his paws on a chair or bed with a treat sitting there, he then gets the treat after I say a prayer and say amen. He knows his left paw from his right. He puts the toilet seat down then flushes with his paw. Brings me a tissue when I sneeze, he also will sneeze on command. Just to name a few. He can also do most of everything listed. He is a fabulous dog.

  • Joseph

    I saw a video of a dog that copied, move for move, those of his owner.
    The dog (opposite his owner) did every move exactly the same, as though he were looking in a mirror. I cannot find this clip anywhere. I believe it was on TV when I saw it. If anyone can find it, I would love to see it again. I have never seen any other dog reproduce this trick. It was amazing!!!

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      Joseph – that sounds great! Would love to see the video…

  • Joe

    “Moon that guy” is my favorite. I just point at a person and say “moon that guy”, and my dogs both line up towards the person I’m pointing at and they basically bow and wag their rear ends towards the person.

  • Philyfree

    My dog just farts, dont hear me boasting

  • Sarahpup

    My dog does “scoot”, where he spins around half way, then scoots backwards through my legs, and then jumps off of my bent leg to catch a frisbee.

  • Anna

    I taught my 2month old chihuahua pup (sit,crawl,& shake paw) all in 5-8 mins of teaching, w/o clicker & only treats. which, I dono if thats good of bad, but im trying to teach him at least 20 tricks before he becomes 8 months old. this list was helpful :D

  • Kelsey

    Yes, my dog does that too

  • Brittney

    one of the tricks you didnt have up there that my dog can do it turn a light off on cue using a rope and saying i love you.

  • Goldmine1989

    I tought my 10 week old pit bull sit,stay,down,and roll over. She I now 14 weeks and Learned s few more tricks as well as throw.shakka where she waves from a distance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1500504435 Christelle N Billy

    My dog now knows 90 tricks :) Thanks

  • Alyssa

    stick ‘em up- stands upright with paws in the air. Then spread ‘em- puts paws on the wall and looks back at me. So cute :)

  • Busgus_gusbus

    My dog does the best trick EVER.  He actually poops on command.  I take him out, tell him to “poop” and he just does it.  I could tell him twice; he would go.  Might not be much but he does it every time!  Believe me, living in tropical Florida during rainy season or when you are just plain in a hurry and have to leave but walk the dog first, this by far is the best trick he could know!  He used to be able to pick out a toy after just getting it, after we named it and threw it to him and discern between it and probably at least 10 other toys.  He also knew by color (green lizard vs red lizard).  He could also high five and speak.  However, he was given a ‘live’ rather than ‘killed’ rabies vaccine when we first moved here, at 11 months.  Had a huge reaction and was rushed to the emergency vet and given an IV to counteract it.  Took several days of him being reactive to it, swelling in his face, itching, and hyperactive behavior till it all calmed down.  After he recovered he “lost” all of his cognition, most of his tricks and seems actually ‘autistic’ now.  But he is the most loving little Pug boy and still can poop on command!

  • Llynch4444

    our puppy  moonwalks on command! 


  • Katie

    I’ll hide my dog’s favorite toy from her and say where is it? then she’ll sniff around everywhere until she finds it

  • Amy

    My dog whenethether I sit down lies on my fet and waits

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-公-Fleat/648183171 Emma 公 Fleat

    Can you teach a dog to do a forward rolly polly? xx

  • Kathlena

    My dog knows a few tricks, such as:

    Other Paw
    Both Paws
    Lie Down
    Roll Over
    Play Dead
    High Five
    Stand Up
    Take a Bow
    1,2,3 (Which is begging, with moving his paws out 3 times)

    I’m currently trying to teach him how to show his teeth on command. So far I haven’t had no luck, and it’s been a few days. Is there a quick and easy way to teach him that trick?

  • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

    That’s adorable! We’ve been trying to teach our dog a similar trick – we call it “being shy”. He covers his eyes and swipes his ear with his paw when we say, “Are you shy?” :-D

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DFKY4WEDV27AU6BJ6I6YBQQ5HQ Raelle

    I think any breed is able to learn tricks, but I think some breeds are easier to teach. Some breeds are known to be stubborn such as the beagle, the pug, and the siberian husky. I know first hand that these breeds are not easy to teach. They require more repetitions to learn a trick, and some demand some sort of treat in order to preform the trick, whereas other dogs may do the trick willingly without a treat. Some dogs may even know a command quite well, but will choose to ignore it, like my siberian husky. I will ask her to sit and she needs several repetitions, and sometimes she lays down instead, however offer her a treat and she gets it right with much more enthusiasm.
    I have a german shepherd as well, and he is highly intelligent and so easy to work with. He picks up new tricks easily, sometimes just 3 repetitions. He is more willing to learn, whereas my siberian husky will just bark at me if I try to coax her with a treat for a new trick. The husky will try to do a trick she already knows to get the treat rather than make the effort to try something new. They both have been taught with positive renforcement too, so there is no difference in their training methods. The husky is also older, so it doesn’t have anything to do with puppy immaturity.
    So I don’t really think you can make a generalization that all breeds can do all tricks. I think you have to look at it realistically and not give unexperienced dog owners the impression that dog training should be simple regardless of breed. Some breeds have fallbacks, and that’s fine. If owners realize that, their dogs don’t have to be bullied into doing something they don’t have the qualities for.