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Reasons Puppies Make Bad Christmas Gifts

I can’t say it any better than these folks.

See why experts in the field agree… it’s never a good idea to give a puppy as a gift, despite the fact that it may seem like the best thing to do.


Following are a few heartfelt stories, revealing why Christmas puppies are never a good idea:

Good news: Gina Spadafori managed to convince Craig Newmark, the owner of Craigslist, to make it very difficult for puppy-millers and high-volume backyard breeders to sell on Craigslist.

Exceptions To The Rule

our-christmas-puppyIf and only if the timing is such that the puppy you’ve had your eye on just so happens to be “ready” around Christmas time, then that’s a whole ‘nother story.

That’s how it happened for us.

Here are 30 things you’ll want to make sure of before you bring that puppy home though!

As long as you’ve done your research, and you trust that yours is a reliable breeder with an established history, then best of luck to you and your new puppy.

Here are some special considerations for enjoying the holidays with your new pet.