How To Find A Mobile Vet For Those Times You Can’t Get To The Vet’s Office

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waiting-outside-a-mobile-vet-by-tobyotter.jpg Have you ever needed to get your dog to the vet, but for some reason or another you were just unable to get there?

If so, then a mobile vet may just be what you are looking for.

A mobile vet can pretty much do the same things that a veterinary clinic can do, but they make housecalls instead!

This saves you the time and energy needed to load your dog into the car, drive to the facility, and deal with all of the strange dogs (and people) who happen to be there when you arrive.

And if your dog happens to be anxious on car rides, then a trip to the vet’s office isn’t likely to be enjoyed by either you or your dog.


Finding A Mobile Vet

One big difference between a mobile vet and a vet clinic is how many animals they see in a day’s time.

A vet clinic can see several pets throughout the day, whereas a mobile vet will see far less and be likely to spend a lot more time with each patient.

My mother-in-law used a local mobile vet service a few times.  The mobile vet neutered her cat and gave all of her animals vaccinations.  Unfortunately, the mobile vet in our area retired about 5 years ago, so she’s back to driving her pets to the vet each time.

Every once in awhile, I check online to see if there is a new mobile vet in our area.


Here are the best ways to find a mobile vet in your area:


Some mobile vets offer after-hours emergency treatments for pets as well.

If you need veterinary services for a pet emergency that takes place during the evening or on weekends, here’s how to find an after-hours vet clinic.