WARNING: All The Food Bad For Dogs That You Should Know About

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By Carrie

dog-and-alcohol-by-elsieesq.jpg If you are someone who feeds your dog human foods, just be careful what you give him.  There is food bad for dogs that you may eat every day.

I, like so many others, used to give my dog grapes as a treat.  I did not realize that grapes can cause kidney failure in dogs.

Once I found this out, my dog has never been given another grape. Now if I want to give my dog a human treat, I give her a piece of carrot.

I’m sure you have heard that you should never give your dog gum.  Do you know the reason for this?  The artificial sweetener Xylitol is poisonous to dogs.  If your dog eats something that has Xylitol in it, it can cause your dog’s blood sugar to drop fast.  This can happen as soon as 30 minutes after your dog eats the item with Xylitol in it.

I could go on and on listing all the food bad for dogs.  Instead, here are a few great lists that summarize all of the human foods that could potentially be harmful to your dog:

Remember, if you are bringing home a doggy bag, the food you have in the bag may be harmful to your dog!  There are a lot of foods that are dangerous to your dog out there.