Crazy Pet Stories: A Collection of Dog-Related Mishaps

by Lynnette

Dog Behavior Issues, Dog Injuries & Emergencies, Pet Warnings And Dangers

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I told you earlier about my friend’s crazy (I mean lucky!) cat and her miraculous survival story.

Consider this an open invitation — I’d like to hear about your crazy pet stories!

Please share in the comments below…


In the meantime, it just so happens that I have a whole slew of crazy dog stories to share myself.

There have been so many one-of-a-kind dog experiences that have taken place in our household!

These are just a few:

Destin’s double ballsectomy (…yep, he had to be neutered twice!)

Tenor & Destin’s brotherly battles (…learning the difference between over-protectiveness and dog aggression)

Our dog’s silly toilet paper escapades (…one of many bad dog behavior issues)

How our dog lived to be a hundred and five years old! (…some unique ways to prolong your dog’s life)

Numerous bouts with doggie diarrhea (…and the home remedies that work best)

How our dogs have chased — and sometimes captured — wildlife (…including baby bunny rabbits!)

How we lived through some crate training mishaps (…and still swear by crate training for dogs — especially through the first year)

Our dogs making a habit out of eating rabbit poo (…without any downsides or health issues)

Then there was the time that Destin fell out the car window… on a 4-lane highway… while making a curvy turn… with the window halfway up. It’s true, when you’re called upon to act in times of crisis, you can do the impossible — like carry a 70-lb dog by yourself from the middle of the road (where he was just “hanging out” — looking a bit dazed & confused) all the way back to where you managed to pull over & park your car! (He was perfectly fine.)

And I’ll never forget the night we learned the value of emergency pet clinics. You know, the ones that work evenings & weekends when most vets are closed. (We’ve been to them more times than I care to admit!)

Oh, and then there was the time — no, the TIMES — when Tenor (the “puppy chewer” in the family) destroyed things like: the TV remote control, a cheap pair of sunglasses, dozens of stuffed animals, tags from virtually any toy/bedding/towel/etc left lying around the house, the foam (that was nearest the tag) from inside a contoured therapeutic pillow, the belt-loop on Jim’s favorite pair of shorts, one of Jim’s favorite 4×4 offroad t-shirts, the loop that was sewn into my thick & fluffy $100 Victoria’s Secret robe (…a birthday gift from Jim — the only item I’d actually let him buy me from Victoria’s Secret). Here’s what eventually worked for us to stop the chewing behavior plus our best puppy proofing suggestions.

Not to mention the time Jersey nipped at Destin (when he was the newcomer in the household) and cut his eyelid. Along those same lines, there was the time that Tenor sliced Jim’s nose (with his newly trimmed toenails) and made it bleed!

And then there were a few “frantic dog incidents” we’ve had at our home involving those half-choke-chain/half-nylon dog collars.

…And those are just the ones I’ve already written about!