How To Get Your Dog On TV Or In The Movies

by Carrie

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dog-striking-a-pose-by-Soggydan-Dan-Bennett.jpgDid you know that 1 in 3 TV commercials features a dog?

Here are 6 famous dogs used in ads.

Have you ever watched movies with dog stars in them and wondered how you could get your dog on TV or in the movies?

Without a doubt, the first thing you must do is make sure your dog well trained.  Your dog needs to have mastered obedience training. It’s imperative that he knows all of the basic commands very well.

Every dog on TV, in the movies, in commercials, or in print ads has been very well trained from the get-go.  For example, if you have to say a command twice in order to get your dog’s attention, then more training is probably necessary.


Another Option: Dog Modeling

I don’t think my dogs would make good dog stars.

They have the basic obedience training down, but once they are in a new situation or are focused on something, they tend to forget all their training.

Plus, both of my girls can be a little yappy.  If there was a part for a couple of dogs that jumped at the base of a tree barking at a squirrel, that would be a great part for my girls!

Getting your dog on TV is a fun goal to have, but you might want to consider dog modeling as another option as well.  Dog modeling is best for dogs that look good, but may not have a long attention span.  On the other hand, to have a dog on TV or in the movies, your dog must give 100% of his attention to the project at hand for long periods of time.


How To Get Your Dog On TV Or In The Movies

To get your dog on TV or in the movies, follow the advice provided by others who have successfully gotten their dogs on screen and contact an animal talent scout: