Got A Dog Garbage Can Invader? Tips For Keeping Your Dog Out Of The Trash

by Carrie

Dog Proof Trash Cans, Pet Warnings And Dangers

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dog-with-trash-out-of-trash-can-by-kitay.jpg If you have ever returned home to find your trash can knocked over and your trash strung all over your kitchen, it may be time to get a dog proof trash can.

Having dog garbage strung all over your house is no fun.

A good trash can will keep the garbage in its place and keep your dog safe at the same time.  No kidding.  While rummaging through the trash, your dog could swallow something that his harmful to him.

Of course, that depends on what you’ve thrown into your trash can.

  • If you recently broke a light bulb, that broken glass could seriously hurt your dog.
  • If you threw away a piece of gum, there’s a good chance it has Xylitol in it.  That alone can kill your dog.


Where To Hide The Trash Cans

When we got our 2 Min Pins, we were already dealing with a cat that loved to get into our trash cans and drag trash throughout the house.

So our bathroom trash was already put away under the bathroom sink.  Our kitchen trash can has always had a lid.  Since my dogs are so small, they’ve never been able to get into that tall kitchen trash can anyway.

Lucky for us, we have not had to deal with dog garbage all over our house.  However, when I went to visit my aunt and took my oldest dog with me, she managed to get into the bathroom trash there!  After that, we made sure the trash was on top of the sink at all times.

If you’re not ready to get a dog-proof trash can just yet, you could always try hiding your trash can.  Just know that some dogs are persistent, and once they’ve had their first dog garbage episode (like when they’re home alone), then they may do anything in their power to make their way into that trash can again — no matter where you try to hide it!

A few good spots to try hiding the trash can are:

  • under the sink
  • inside a cabinet
  • behind the pantry door
  • on the back porch


More Tips For Dealing With Dog Garbage Can Invaders

Here are a few more great tips from dog owners who’ve found ways to deal with their dogs getting into the garbage: