The Best Football Toys & Jerseys For Dogs

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Check out this collection of the best football dog toys, football jerseys and other gear.

Fun football stuff… just for dogs.

First, some pictures of dogs playing with footballs!

If you’re doubting the fact that dogs actually enjoy the sport of football in the first place, then read this first.

But if your dogs are anything like mine, then you’ll enjoy this collection of the best football dog toys, football jerseys and other gear.

Here’s lots of fun football stuff — just for dogs!

Dog Jerseys & Football Gear For Dogs

A greyhound dog in a football uniform.
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Need a costume for your dog?

Try a football jersey… It worked for this dog!

Football Dog Toys

Kong Football Squeaker Toy

A Kong football toy… that squeaks! My dog likes the Kong squeaker toys because they’re hard like a tennis ball, so it takes a lot to make them squeak. (He’s not a huge fan of regular ‘soft’ squeaker toys.)

Busy Buddy Treat Toy For Dogs

My dog LOVES treat toys like this – the dog rolls them around on the floor, and dog treats fall out.

Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Dog Football

Super-tough for dogs that like to chew. It’s minty, recyclable, bouncy, and it floats. Plus, it’s guaranteed!

Dura Play Football Dog Toy

This one has a Power Play Core — a unique foam technology that enhances durability and provides an unmatched chew experience. Fun to throw and bounce, it also floats!

Gourmet Football Dog Cookies

These gourmet dog cookies are made in fun shapes to look like footballs. They’re good for your dog — made with real chicken liver.


Colorful Football Dog Toy

This jumbo vinyl football dog toy has color tips — and it squeaks!

Kong Squeeze Football Dog Toy

This Kong football is made of a durable non-toxic material. Its shape enables it to have a fun, erratic bounce.

Premier Pet Football Dog Toy

The football dog toy by Premier Pet is great for tough chewers. It’s also easy to clean because it’s dishwasher safe!

iSqueak Football Dog Toy

This iSqueak football toy for dogs from from JW Pet is a durable chew toy, as well as a squeaky natural rubber fun ball!

Sphericon Football Shaped Dog Toy

The Sphericon is a strong and safe natural rubber football dog toy with oval cutouts that can be filled with large dog treats or other dog toys. It’s also infused with vanilla extract!

BOING Football Dog Toy

This soft, plush football dog toy makes a fun BOING sound when it bounces!

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