What To Do If Your Dog Ate Chicken Bones

What should you do if your dog eats chicken bones?!

My dog did it.

Lots of other dogs have too.



Here’s what you need to know and what you should do if your dog eats chicken bones…

Back in the days when I was single, I took my dog with me on vacation everywhere I went.

This frequently included long-distance road trips… say, from Texas to Florida or Florida to Indiana.

He loved it.

Jersey’s always been a great car-dog. He sits still. He doesn’t get antsy. He just looks out the window or sleeps — right there on the front seat next to me.

Jersey looking out the back window of my in car, parked on the beach in Naples, Florida.

Dogs & Chicken Bones Don’t Mix!

On one trip, I stopped at a Kentucky Fried Chicken and purchased a boxed chicken dinner for myself.

I ate it in the car, while Jersey ate some of his dog food. When I was done, I put the box on the floor in the back seat — fully intending to throw it away once we got to the next stopping place. Only I forgot.

Unfortunately, when I stopped at the convenience store to get gas and use the restroom, I returned to find the entire box of chicken contents on my front seat. There were pieces everywhere — pieces of chicken… pieces of chicken bones… pieces of box… pieces of napkins.

I panicked. Knowing that my dog had obviously ingested a number of chicken bones (thigh and breast), I feared he would puncture his innards or not be able to pass the bones at all.

leftover-chicken-bones-by-Jym-Ferrier.jpgEveryone knows that chicken bones are dangerous for dogs to eat — especially cooked chicken bones — because they’re dry & brittle and they splinter into lots of tiny (and sharp!) pieces inside your dog’s tummy after they’ve been chewed and swallowed.

Fortunately, the bones that my dog ingested on this day passed just fine — but it took a couple of days. I was completely on edge for that part of the vacation. Thankfully, he didn’t seem to suffer at all from this little incident.



What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chicken Bones

cooked-chicken-bones-by-MrLobo.jpgSince there isn’t much that you can do after the chicken bones have been ingested by your dog, you simply need to monitor him closely for the next few days.

Keep checking his stools to see if the bones pass. Watch for blood in the stool, or any signs that he’s straining to defecate.

You should also keep an eye on your dog’s temperament. If he becomes moody or listless, take him to a vet immediately.

Perhaps the best thing you can do is try to “cushion” the tiny bones inside your dog’s tummy by overfeeding him a little more over the next couple of days. Cooked rice (that’s completely cooled first) is ideal, because it is gentle on a dog’s stomach and digestive tract. You could serve up a small helping of plain white rice alone, or mix some cooked rice in with your dog’s normal dog food.

Then, you just wait and see.

Chances are, everything will come out fine in the end.

A vet’s viewpoint: What You Should Do If Your Dog Ate Chicken Bones

dog-xrays-chicken-bones-by-Leia.jpgA dog swallowing chicken bones is not something that should be taken lightly. In some cases, the bones can get caught in the stomach or intestines and wreak havoc on your dog’s insides.

If your dog’s behavior changes in any way after eating chicken bones, it is important to contact your vet, because x-rays may be necessary.


Some Precautions You Can Take

Jersey eying my plate at the dinner table, and Destin hiding out under my chair at the table. After something similar happened another time with a different dog (black lab snatched the plate of leftover turkey from the dining room table), I learned that most dogs will adapt and recover just fine after eating chicken or turkey bones.

A veterinarian weighs in: Can Dogs Eat Turkey Bones?

The biggest lesson I’ve learned:

NEVER leave food in places where my dogs could get it — now or later!

So, if you’ve got large dogs in your home (or maybe even small or medium sized dogs who just happen to be good jumpers!), you’ll want to remember to push plates, dishes, and leftovers up high enough and back far enough out of the reach of your dog.

And maybe your dog won’t poke his head in the trash can when you’re around, but the minute you’re not within sight, chances are, he’ll sniff out anything smells good & tasty in there. So, be sure to keep your garbage pail behind a door or cabinet that latches securely shut. Or, purchase a heavy-duty, stable garbage can for the kitchen that has a lid your dog couldn’t possibly open.

Here are the best dog-proof trash cans, plus tips for keeping your dog out of the garbage.

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  • Anonymous

    Your dog barked because he needed to go out to relieve himself, since you didn’t understand he had to do it inside. A runny tummy is not anything to worry about unless it lasts for about three days or is very frequent like 4x a day. The most important thing to avoid is the thin sharp bits that go alongside the thigh bone, this can easily get stuck.If your dog passes blood in his faeces or with the diarrohea then he needs a vet. Good luck dont worry too much!

  • Bianca

    Last night my Grandma dropped a chicken wing bone on the floor and my 27lb Cocker Spaniel got to so quick that the only thing I could get out was a tiny thin piece of the bone. I was absolutely livid because I know how dangerous bones can be for dogs. I’m assuming that she swallowed it whole because she couldn’t have chewed it in less than a minute.

    She was acting completely normal afterwords and even ate her dog food.

    I called her vet this morning and they said to just keep an eye on her and if she starts acting strange then bring her in. That’s kind of tricky though because she just got spayed a couple days ago and isn’t completely herself still. & she’s on pain meds so she’s a little loopy.

    I checked her stools this morning and I didn’t see any type of bones. So if I do not find any bones in her stools then should I really be worried?

    I also gave her some wet bread and just cooked some white rice for her. I’m the only one in my family who understands just HOW dangerous this could be for our dog.


  • Chris

    I just fed my dog 2 small pieces of cooked chicken bones, only when my mother returned home was i informed dogs and chicken bones DO NOT mix. i am now very concerned and worried, will it pass? is it only bigger bones that cause serious damage? about an hour on she is absolutely fine, no barking or whining. what precautions should i take? thanks

  • Anonymous

    My dog is a pomchi and while i was gone my dad said he had gotten into the trash and ate some chicken bones.Now he is having diarea but no blood and does not want to eat.I did get some water down him and going to give him some rice.What else can i do???

    • Malcolm

      Give it 4 or 5 slices white bread, it should help!

  • Anonymous

    This has happened twice with my black lab (70 lbs). The vet told me to feed her 4-5 slices of white bread right after it happens, because it gets very gummy in her stomach and coats the bones, making it easier to pass.

  • Malcolm

    My dog just did it!
    I hope to god it be allright!!!
    Thanks for everything, you helped me out!
    Much love to you and everyone that writed comments how to make it better!!

  • Amber

    I have a 20 week old puppy after my husband picked all meat off a cornish hen type chicken he put the remaining bones (alot of tiny bones) in a bag and wrapped up to throw away, he forgot to and the next morning we found the plastic bag completly empty, this was Sunday night it is now Wednesday night, She (Baby Girl) is running a temp. for 2nd day & her but is swollen and RED it is heart breaking. when she walks she slides her but on ground. How long should it take to pass? I heard to soak a couple of cotton balls in half and half in small pieces and feed to her. Has anyone done this? Please help with any suggestions.



    • Lily Green

      They don’t.
      If you give them an uncooked chicken bone they are FINE. If they get cooked chicken bones I am not sure what will happen but they may be more brittle. so DO RESEARCH.

  • elbee

    When my dog ate chicken bones, a tech at the emergency vet suggested I feed him cooked asparagus–she said the strands in asparagus tend to wrap around the bones and provide a bit of cushion from the sharp edges. And of course, watch him like a hawk to make sure that he showed no signs of abdominal distress. That’s what I did, and fortunately he was OK. When I mentioned the asparagus suggestion to my regular vet, he said he had never heard that before, but it might make sense and wouldn’t hurt.

  • Louise

    Dogs eating chicken bones is very very serious! You cannot simply ‘wait it out’ for a few days!!! And also—Are you CRAZY? RICE? I mean really? Rice will BIND the dog and PREVENT them from defecating! What you need to do is get them to pass the bones, not bind them up! My dog ALMOST DIED after ingesting ONE LOUSY CHICKEN LEG BONE! I had to take her to an emergency vet and have her medicated examined irrigated, she contracted peritonitis. And that was immediately after she ate it, she began vomiting yellow foam and straining to poop. I can’t believe we almost lost her over that one darn chicken bone I missed when cleaning up after a party.

  • Murphy596

    My dog ate 2 drumsticks and 1 thigh bone at 4pm yesterday. took him to the vet at 10a and he told me to feed him small amounts of boiled chicken and small amounts of water. Since his stool was part runs and part solid he told me the big worries are behind me. If he starts vomitting or the runs continue to give him emodium ad to help with the runs and bring him back in for the xrays. we are now 22hrs after the fact and vomited one which looks like his monthly hair ball that he does. Im going to take him out every 2 hrs to let pass everything. Hope this helps someone.

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      @ Murphy596 Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience regarding your dog eating chicken bones. It helps to know what other veterinarians recommend. *hugs to your dog* Hope he gets better soon!

      • Dumara_n

        what do you do when my dog its litle and it ate a plate fill of chickin bones

        • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

          @ Dumara_n – You do the same thing for a big dog or a small dog. Most important: if your dog shows any sign of distress, take your dog to the vet IMMEDIATELY. If the vet is closed, then find a 24-hour pet emergency clinic near you: http://dogs.thefuntimesguide.com/2007/07/emergency_after_hours_vets.php
          Your vet will likely recommend the same things mentioned above, unless your dog is showing serious distress — in which case further treatment will likely be necessary.

  • worried

    My yellow lab ate a couple buffalo wings. Called the vet and they recommended to give her Hydrogen peroxide quickly. The amount depends on the size of the dog anywhere between 1 tsp – 4 tbsp. My 60 lb. lab was to take 4 tbsp. wait 10 minutes and do it again if it didnt work. Thankfully it worked! She threw up all the bones and is a happy dog again 15 minutes later. Dont have to worry for days to see if she passes them.

    • Nick

      what a stupid thing to do. seriously now! 4 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide ? I am surprised that didnt kill the poor animal. That amount would easy destroy the dog’s stomach and intestines. ( may be the Vet suggested 4 DROPS?)

      • fitz

        um, no. That is correct amount. My vet told me the same for a 65 lb pit bull. And it doesn’t destroy their tummies, just makes them regurgitate. Like ipecac does for us..

    • Dog Guy

      If the dog eats chicken bones, don’t make the dog vomit — you could do more harm on the way up.

      That’s what my vet said.

      Feed the dog bread to “cushion it” as the article said and wait 2 days.

      If the dog is straining or if there is blood, it’s very serious and take the dog to the vet immediately.

  • Drgtreat

    Dogs can easily digest RAW chicken bones. My dogs are now 10 and ate raw chicken (or Turkey) every day for many years. I know a breeder who feeds ONLY raw chicken to his dog. Cooked chicken is unhealthy, and KFC is, well…not so good for any species.

  • Masterpiecetran

    Dogs CAN eat cooked chicken bones. Chiken bones are GOOD for dogs. It is merely a myth that they cannot eat cooked chicken bones. It began with the advent of commercially prepared dog food. Of course dogs can eat chicken bones. Just like most bones. The sharp, splintered pieces do not harm dogs. Actually, the dogs intestines retract when they are poked by something sharp like a bone. What IS dangerous for a dog to eat believe it or not is soft things. Once my dog ate a sock. Because it is soft, it became lodged in his intestines. It had to be surgically removed. Chicken bones are fine for dogs. Both my dogs who are nearly 7 years old eat chicken bones almost every day with no problems ever.

    • Rosebud147

      Thank God for your comment, I’m not gonna worry anymore that my dog chowed down on 1 chicken wing.

    • Calista

      this is SO untrue. My dog 4yr old died from ruptured intestines from getting in the garbage and eating bones. Just because your dogs passed them fine doesnt mean its good for them.

      • Lily Green

        cooked dogs, may be splintering. But uncooked bones ARE GOOD FOR THEM.

    • The Girl Who Can

      They are more likely to enjoy UNCOOKED chicken bones because UNCOOKED is what they eat when feral. Cooked bones can be dangerous because they are brittle. Your dogs have been okay by luck. Do your research, Hon.

      • Woodchuck 66

        My five year old Golden just died and they told us it was probably due to him eating deer bones in the woods. He goes out to work with my husband every day on logging jobs. We are heartbroken and will miss him so much. We watched everything he ate at home… He suffered cause they intially didnt know… He just died at the vets, waiting for tests to come back.

    • Cokeacolafan1

      gosh I hope that’s true, my dog just ate what was left of my hot wings and I am freakin out.

    • Rachel_7089


    • http://www.facebook.com/kksharma1618 Krishna Kant Sharma

      I agree, I have given boiled chicken (with bones, but in very small cut up pieces) to my dog for last 6 months. And nothing happened. He is not in pain. He is happy, healthy, full of energy. He plays a lot. He has a nice temper. So nothing is hurting him.

    • Annon A.

      There’s a difference between uncooked bones that a dog would eat in the wild and your cooked bones, there in lies the danger, cooked bones splinter easily.

  • kenton

    my grandpa has been having dogs as pets since he was 20 all his dogs lived up to 12+ years and all he feeds them is cooked bones and leftovers. and nothing has ever happened, i mean how do u think stray dogs live?

    • Xxcalistasxx

      generally they dont. or die over time from the stuff they ate.

    • Alan Wilkinson

      Yep, my dog died after eating chicken bones. But she had eaten them all her life, lived to eighteen and died from old age, not the bones. Maybe if you let them dry out and get hard it might be a different story but soft cooked I think there is little risk.

  • Emmyfay Stern

    ok.. my dog just ate a DRUMSTICK!!! it probably splintered in his tummy and is hurting him… please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kneeknees831

    my dog just ate some chicken bones and i started freacking out i read your post and im doing that i hope it turns out all good.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nevada-Robertson/100000514453085 Nevada Robertson

    hi im only 11 and i went to show my mom a video and i left out my KFC chicken breast and my dog reached it i didnt know he ate it but when my dog does something bad you can tell because he trys to apologize. i have been watching him but he was acting fine he hasnt seen my mom all day and when she got home thats when she gave me my chicken but he was whinning because he missed her.but any way theres no blood or the runs we have rice just in case and we gave him some bread we hope that it will just pass because hes a big dog.so im really scared because that dog is like my brother to me and i dont know what to do.thanks for your post but the people who say its okay to feed dogs bones id rather be safe than sorry

    • Xxcalistasxx

      My dog died from eating bones. It is possible they can pass them but there is also a possibility they cant.. Please be careful.



    • sassykat

      The breast and the back bone actually are not as dangerous as the thigh and the leg bones becuase they are little and can be chewed up some. they are still dangerous and can cause damage but people acutally feed the back and the breast bone to dogs alot. unfortunately mine ate a thigh piece. grrr

  • Mitchellkramb

    oh my god. i just purchased a DOG bone for my dog – i know to watch him and usually it takes him a couple hours to break it up – hes an 85 lb pitbull – i turned my head for seriously 2 minutes and he had EATEN over half of the bone.

    im freaking out. i could smack myself right now for buying a damn basted bone!

    • Xxcalistasxx

      those are ok because they are cow bones or formed raw hide

  • Guest

    What if Mr. Dog has a Catpatriot in crime?
    I left a chicken I was de-boning on the counter, and forgot about it.
    Next thing I know, the dog is crunching on something…
    Seems Ms. Cat (who adopted us about 2 weeks ago, so I forgot about anyone but me being able to get onto the counter) jumped up on the counter and knocked some of the wings and etc onto the floor…
    You know the ret of the story. He’s one happy doggy right now, but let’s see what the next few days bring…

    • Fritzi315

      so….whats the rest of the story?? is your dog alright?

  • Entorded

    our little dog just ate two huge drumsticks. Thank you for the good advice in this article. I was able to get a vet on the phone and he explained that there is generally a one hour window to induce vomiting. Since we already missed that window we now have to keep an eye on her closely for straining, vomiting, diarrhea, and blood in the stool for the next 2-3 days; if any of these symptoms should appear contact a vet immediately!!! He also recommended to feed her brown rice for the next few days because of the high fiber content and stay away from dry food. hope this helps.

  • Janie

    I had pulled out the garbage bag from the trash can, tied it and forgot to bring it outside. I guess the smell of the chicken carcus became too much for our boxer, Janie, because she has never before ripped into a tied garbage bag. Hours later, I walked in to find lots of clean trash all over the kitchen; and, a licked clean chicken container with no signs of bones anywhere! I can only guess that she ingested the entire carcus. She didn’t ask for any dinner. We are watching her closely and I am planning on a trip to the vet tomorrow….. To be continued…

    • Aqhoffman

      any update? My new little puppy (only 6 lbs of golden retriever and black podle terror) wolfed down a small chicken wing just an hour ago. Wondering how your worked out?

  • Matrixman2003

    What many fail to realize is that dogs in fact benefit from raw bones and meat. It’s called the RMB(raw meaty bones) Diet. That junk people call dog food is in fact killing your dog slowly. Research and educate yourself. You might just save your dogs life in the process. Good luck.

    • dalmatianlover11

      We are talking about cooked chicken bones, Captain Opinionated. Which is definitely something to be concerned about. But hope posting this helped your incompetence because you THINK you know it all.

    • Lily Green

      You are so right. THANK YOU! One person who is using their brain, and actually refers to doing research! I praise you.

  • antho

    My dog got into the trash and dug out a chicken wing bone. I heard him crunching from the living room but by the time I got to the kitchen he had already swallowed the bone. It was his feeding time so I fed him his usual cup of dry food mixed with a half can of chunky canned food. I didn’t think of inducing vomiting (1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide per 10lbs of body weight) until it was too late. He seems to be fine for the time being, I’ll keep an eye on him for the next few days and inspect his poop. He’s a big dog (70lbs) so I think he’ll be fine. Maybe tomorrow he’ll get some white rice.

  • piper

    my 3 yr old Scottie just threw up a chicken thigh bone,,,,the peroxide works! thank goodness.no way he could have passed it,,,

  • Sally J Bailey

    What would be a suggestion, if any, that a neighbor throws all cooked chicken bones, included any she has over your fence? I have an airedale and a
    Westie, the westie got a bone stuck in her throat, is there anything legally I can do to stop this?

    • Becky

      I would have the neighbor cited for littering.

  • John

    Will a dog show any sign of pain when she has eaten a chicken bone and it’s harming her insides? Because my dog seems to be acting perfectly fine, she’s still playing around and whatnot, however, she hasn’t eaten anything for an entire day after she ate the chicken bone. I managed to get a few pieces of bone away from her but it could be possible that she had already eaten a bit. I’m terrified for my dog’s safety and just don’t know what to do. She’s a tiny little 5 year old Shih Tzu, and she means the world to me. Please help me, I’m living every minute worried right now..

    • Wwjanell

      So what happened? I’m on line right now because my Shih Tzu also ate a chicken bone. It was part of a wing and she swallowed it Whole!!! My vet told me to give her canned food and watch her. Waiting for it to pass is terrible but if it does pass with no problem, I’ll be really grateful. She also means the world to me

  • Siberhusky

    My Siberian Husky eats all cooked bones from our meal since he was 3 month old. I had dogs all my life and they got all the bones. The small ones will chew on it, the bigger dog will just swallow them. It looks like they have some strong acid in their stomach which melt away bones. Still I don’t gave them fish bones and I take away the chicken’s sharp ones.

    If your dog eat a bone, don’t panic. Dog are carnivores. They are made to eat bones. And yes, dogs and chicken bones does mix.

    • Postlind

      The dogs’ ancestors, the wolves, ate mostly raw birds. (They do not know how to start a campfire:). Cooked poultry splinters. If you love your dog, do not take the chance.

  • Ashley

    What happens if my small minurature daschaund ate a cooked KFC chicken bone whole? With out any chewing. Will she be okay? What should I do?

  • Severeslaughter

    Always feed my Staffordshire bull terrier bones. he loves them. Only scare I ever had was when coughed up blood cos he obvs ate one to quickly.

    • Postlind

      If your dog coughs up blood, it needs to see a vet. At the least, it is a sign of upper respiratory infection. If it is eating bones, the prognosis could be far worse.

  • Postlind

    All worried pet parents: Please see a vet. The only way to know what is going on inside your dog, and possibly prevent further damage, is to get x-rays. Most dogs survive the ordeal unharmed. Unfortunately, by the time you see evidence of a problem, the damage has been done. Your best friend may not survive a blockage or perforation and the surgery will cost you around $1000. If you choose not to see a vet, monitor your dog very closely for several days for signs of blood in feces, vomiting, loose stool, inability to poop, loss of appetite and general tiredness or irritability.

  • Andrew Ip

    Honestly though, RAW chicken pieces with bone are fine; I regularly feed my little Shih Tzu chicken drummettes.  Raw bone has enough moisture that it will not splinter when chewed on.  Cooked bones are another matter; they’re pretty dry so they splinter very easily.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IG6U3JUTYMJIXZLY6XW6N5KOBY Cathleen

    I have a jack russell puppy…   That in it self says alot!  So, I am on duty, a Nurse, and she some how gets hold of a fried chicken bone, I caught her in the midst of chewing it up.  I dunno if she had one prior to my finding her with this one.  I had no idea a patient would keep chicken wing bones in her pruse.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk….

  • Letuzfuk

    You guys are paranoid. Dogs are rarely hurt from these bones yet everyone freaks out for no reason

    • St. Francis

      You’re an Idiot! Why do people never learn from others mistakes until it happens to them firsthand. Believe me, dogs eating bones IS dangerous! Maybe you’ll believe that when you watch your best friend die.

  • http://twitter.com/CruiseOneHughes Debby Hughes

    We did have a small poodle mix that died after having intestinal bleeding from chicken bones (got up onto the counter to get them), so I don’t think anyone is paranoid here. My dog just got into the trash this evening when the baby gate was left open, so I’ll be on edge for a couple of days as well. I was trying to think of something that might help pass the bones – will try the rice or something…

  • kwethington1

    We have a mixed breed, German Shepard, Lab, Huskie, Rotweiler.  She is four years old and weighs 60-70 poulds, depending on the time of year, Summer is less, Winter is more.  When I was younger a man I worked for and lived in a room at his business, had a malmute, of about the same weight of our dog. He said that chicken bones are bad for dogs only if they are  small and frail, and to prove it, he fed his dog, Tora, ckicken and chicken bones all the time.  Since my dog has been six months old, I have done the same.  No chicken bone has made it to the curb from our house on trash day in three and one-half years.  Never a problem. 

         Don’t give them to puppies, don’t give them to old dogs, and especially don’t give them to small dogs.  For crying out loud, wild dogs eat every bird they can catch and that includes the dead ones that fall out of the trees.  I have never heard of a full size dog having problems with chicken bones.   

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curt-Wheeler/680824162 Curt Wheeler

    if you catch the dog within a hour or so from when they ate the bones; just feed them a good spoon full of peroxide and they will puke them right back up. make sure the peroxide goes down their throat or they will just get a foamy mouth and never puke.

    • Annon A

      this is a awful idea, the bones will cut up your dogs innards coming back up.

  • kcralston

    Should I feed my dog if he has eaten chicken bones?

  • Madie

    What type of dog is the white one in the upper picture ? 

    That looks so much like my dog !! And Ive been trying to find out what breed she is :/ 
    And she also ate some chicken bones today :( 

  • lover345

    My dog ate like 6 chicken bones and a turkey breast cause he tears through the plastic and eats it and he was really tired but like 3-4 hours later he is up and running around his!! Stool was fine no blood so thats a good sign because the vet costs ALOT of money! But I am really happy that he is ok !!!:)<3 

  • Abby

    Curt, Thanks so much for the peroxide suggestion!! We got the bone back and my dog is doing fine! We watched carefully to make sure it didn’t get stuck coming back up.

  • D C

    What to do if your dog eats chicken bones: Don’t worry about it. How would dogs have survived millions of years as scavengers if they couldn’t process chicken bones? Humans have been cooking with fire and throwing bones to dogs for eons.

    • mark

      if the bones are raw and not cooked they are fine, its when they are cooked is when they become brittle.

      • D C

        Yeah, but you probably don’t need to panic if your dog eats one by mistake…

  • http://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialDollBoy Johnny-Boy Filhiol

    What about pork chop bones? Will pork chop bones have the same effects?

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      Johnny-Boy, pork chop bones should be treated like chicken bones

  • http://www.facebook.com/paige.odebralski.9 Paige Odebralski

    My dog found a cooked and eaten turkey carcass and was eating the bones last night and today she just was vomiting lots of blood. She’s 11 years old n has had a very rough life I’m worried about her.

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      Paige, You definitely need to take your dog to the emergency vet (They’re open on weekends)

  • Danielle

    have a 5 years old Japanese Akita named Kaeda. I have always given her bones either beef bones from the butcher’s or ham bones from pork shoulders or whatever .I have always been paranoid about chicken bones so I haven’t given her any but my hubby always has. She never seemed to have any problems with any of the bones most were cooked or smoked but some have been raw. a few days ago we had chicken for super and Kaeda had the leftovers.Obviously she loved them but last night I let her in from outside she came in the house a little slow and once she laid on her bed she yelped a few times .I had thought maybe she had hurt her pay so I checked her paws they looked fine but she still seemed weird.The next day she was very slow. She not usually hyper but she always had a happy glow, perked up ears and a curl up tail. Her tail was down and her eyes looked sad. I knew something was definitely wrong when, I sliced a piece of keilbassa and said “U want a treat?”. She didn’t light up and run over. Instead, she slowly mopped over, took the treat but then left it on the ground. We took her to the vet today and her body is having a hard time trying to digest the chicken bone. That’s why shes not moving fast and is in pain. I was one of those people that figured she would be fine. She 75% wolf for crying out loud, bones are half their diet. But I guess there are no chicken in the wild especially chickens being fed whatever junk they give them to plump up.And who knows what it does to their bone density. I was given medication to be given every eight hours with no food I’m not sure if its a digestive enzyme or something to strengthen her stomach acid but its to aid in digestion, they also suggested I buy weight loss dog for for the fibre,so I did.Tonight she is the same slow and sad but now she has the shakes but she is panting like she is hot. I am a strong believer in home remedies I am also not very wealthy. So I boiled 7 grain rice to give her fibre and to hopefully put something between the bone and her body..I was also told to check her stool for blood and the bone.I hope my baby girl is OK soon.And I hope this helps you. Thanks sorry about the length of my comment .hope all the puppies have made and will make a full recovery!


  • http://www.facebook.com/craighbaker Craig Baker

    There are a lot of conflicting recommendations here. Our 3 YO Papillon raided the trash and gorged on SEVERAL large chicken bones (wings, thighs, legs all plural). We were worried sick. Some of the posts here said not too, but some of them were not as reassuring. We finally called a vet and they said bring to him in RIGHT AWAY. They charged us $300 for Xrays and said they couldn’t see any bones, but found a large bladder stone and suggested $2100 surgery ASAP. Other than that He is fine.

  • Simon Perley

    My Big Rodesian Ridgeback ate Turkey legs last night and we found her dead this morning – Devistated. My advice dont risk it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss her so much

    • http://thefuntimesguide.com/ FunTimesGuide

      Thanks for sharing your story, Simon. I’m SO sorry this happened to your dog…

  • Krystal Moment

    My dog ate a chicken thigh a couple of days ago and he’s been throwing up since yesterday I didnt think anything of it because he normally pukes after drinking water too fast but a couple of hours ago he pooped blood and im freaking out im taking him to the vet in the morning but im really afraid of going to sleep knowing this might be really bad.. Im low on cash but i know he needs to go.. I put rice in his dish but he’s not interested and I hand fed him bread (which he finally took) Im afraid is there anything else I can do to ease my mind til the morning?

  • Nurgle

    My small 11lb mini dachshund ate a chicken drumbstick bone yesterday. He is perfectly fine, had some normal bowel movements since. He’s about 6 years old, and pretty darn tough, can run a half marathon. He’s probably eaten all sorts of stuff he’s not supposed to in the yard, he’s perpetually hungry and extremely food driven, he’ll lick up the most disgusting stuff like cat vomit. But he’s super picky about water and won’t drink tap water, only purified or bottled water (I don’t blame him).

    I’m not saying go ahead and feed your dogs chicken bones, but there’s so much fear material in this thread, I thought I’d inject a little hopefulness.

    • FormerlyKnownAsB

      I’m so glad to hear this, as I just came here to check on a Dachsund-eating-chicken-leg scenario…

    • vagranttoad123

      I have two big dogs, 115 and 95 pounds, and I give them my chicken thigh quarter scraps regularly and they have never had a problem.

    • Shaylyn Jacobson

      I have a mini too (3yo) and her sister has a bad habit of going into the garbage for food that she’s picked up now. Tonight she took a chicken bone from the garbage from the soup mom made today, hoping the bone was soft enough from being boiled for a couple hours that it won’t hurt her too bad. She was just at the vet last month for an abscess on her chin and had to wear a cone and have a drain tube and we can’t afford another vet emergency. So we’re going to have another week of paranoid watching of the dog to make sure she’s ok.

  • donna

    my puppy (3 months) Pomeranian just ate a chicken leg bone that my partner dropped on the floor. im soo worried as there very fragile dogs please give some advice please :(

  • Barbara

    My 3month, 3 pound Morkie ate a whole wing bone (skinny bone on flat part). What should I do?

  • michael

    Feeling Sad.. This morning, I just lost my chihuawa to this horrible incident, of my puppy ate chicken bones and went after my sister for a jog and just collapsed and died, symtoms was he was bleeding form hi back. so sad..for everyone out there- DO NOT FEED BONES TO SMALL DOGS..

  • Annie


    An easy & cheap way to make sure that the bones aren’t retrieved from the rubbish is to sprinkle pepper in the bin when bones go in. No more ripped open bags…no need for extra strong bins…curry will work too, but pepper is generally available. I have never had any problems since I worked out that animals hate pepper. I always do it when anything like that goes in.

  • Lily Green

    UNCOOKED chicken bones are better for your dog than regular. store bought dog food. That is what is killing your dog