A ‘Canine College’? Yep… For Dog Lovers Everywhere!

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a college degree that could be earned that solely focused on dog training, dog behaviors, and the many ways that we are incorporating dogs into our society these days? It would be called Canine College, and it would help dog lovers everywhere become the most knowledgeable, well-trained, and most responsible dog owners in the country!

Dogopoly : A Fun Game For Dog Lovers

Looking for a fun board game for dog lovers? Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Dog-opoly is your answer! Here’s where you can get Dogopoly, modeled after the classic Monopoly game…

Poop Freeze Spray For Picking Up Dog Poop

If picking up your dog’s waste every time makes you queasy, then Poop Freeze is for you! This revolutionary spray freezes the dog poop in 10 seconds, making clean-up a breeze. Here’s more…

FREE Dog Scrapbook Stuff!

These are Dog Lover Printables that can be use in scrapbooks, memory books or as greeting card decorations. They can even be used in a picture frame as a backdrop. This is your chance to be creative!…

Basketball Dog Toys & Jerseys

Is your dog ‘mad’ about basketball?… Help him show his team spirit this basketball season by dressing him up in a doggie basketball uniform from his favorite team… or consider a new toy like these basketballs that come in all shapes and sizes.