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The Wicked Ball is one of the best interactive dog toys I've seen. It's 100% automatic, rolls & moves by itself, even turns itself ON &OFF! My dogs LOVE it.


Have your dogs been eagerly awaiting the start of Football Season? Well, the time has come! Here's some good old fashioned dog play involving footballs of all sizes. Check out these pictures and videos of dogs playing with footballs...

Best thing about the "smart" Cheerble Wicked Ball for dogs is the fact that a dog can play with it for hours without the need for a human to re-start it!

These are the most important things you need to know about cow ears vs. pig ears for dogs. Plus all of the cow ear safety information you're looking for!

Are trachea dog chews safe? How long do trachea chews last? Do they smell? What size is best? We answer all of your questions about trachea chews for dogs!

Are cow hooves safe for dogs? How long does a hoof last? Are cow hooves good for power chewers? Everything you want to know about cow hooves for dogs!

A list of the top 25 healthy human foods that make good dog treats and dog chews -- for everyday snacks OR to stuff inside dog Kongs and other treat toys!

The best horns for dog chews + Everything you need to know about goat horns and buffalo horns for dogs to chew on!

Wondering which are the best antlers for dogs? Here are the pros and cons of antlers for dogs, how to soften them, and the best place to buy them.