Dog Treat Toys: Buster Cube vs. Kong Toy

I’ve tried both the Buster Cube and the Kong toy with my dogs, and without a doubt, they prefer the Kong toys. Here’s why. Both dispense treats as your dog plays with them, but there are a number of other qualities that make the Kong toy much different.

Why Kong Toys Are The Best Toys For Dogs

Kong toys are the best dog toys… ever! They serve double-duty, as a chew toy, and as a treat-dispenser. Here’s a listing of the best things about Kong dog toys, and why every dog owner should have one — or 4! Kong chew toys for your dog.

Stuff This In A KONG

What do most people stuff inside their dog’s KONG toy?… While peanut butter is probably the most popular, it’s not the ONLY thing. Here are some ideas to get you started.