Healthy Dog Foods: Do You Know What’s In Your Dog’s Food?

Do you know if your dog’s food is one of the healthy dog foods available on the market or not? Here are 3 ways to know if he is eating healthy: 1) read the ingredients on your dog’s food label; 2) try a BARF diet — bones and raw foods diets; and 3) try cooked homemade foods for your dog.

Healthy Human Foods For Dogs

To liven up your dog’s meals, try adding one of these healthy human foods. Plus, there’s a list of all the human foods you can safely give to dogs, as well as a list of human foods that aren’t safe for dogs.

Top 4 Allergies In Dogs: Treatments & Symptoms

Dogs can have allergies just like a person can. In fact, many dogs have many of the exact same allergies as people do. Here’s what to look for and how to treat dog food allergies, dog skin allergies, dog flea allergies, and dog inhalant allergies.