No-Sew Dog Pillows And Dog Beds

Is your dog in need of a cushy new pillow or pet bed? Here’s another simple idea that worked for us… it’s a no-sew way to make your very own doggie pillow… for next to nothing!

How To Revive An Old Pet Bed Or Dog Pillow

Is your dog’s pet bed or doggie pillow a little ragged around the edges? If your dog’s pillow gets a lot of use, chances are, the cover itself is faded, stained, or torn in one or more places. Here’s how to make a new cover for your dog’s pet bed …It’s simple!

Build-Your-Own Dog Gift Baskets

Any dog — or dog lover — will enjoy these completely personalized doggie gift baskets. You say exactly what you what in it, and that special someone — and their dog — will thank you for such a thoughtful gift!