DIY Dog Duvet Cover: An Easy Way To Revive An Old Pet Bed Or Dog Pillow!

by Lynnette

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Is your dog’s pet bed or doggie pillow a little ragged around the edges?

How to revive old dog pillows.

If your dog’s pillow gets a lot of use, chances are, the cover itself is faded, stained, or torn in one or more places.

Here’s how to make a new cover for your dog’s pet bed… It’s simple!

3 Pet Beds In Need Of New Covers

We have 3 overstuffed dog pillows in our house — each suffering from major neglect:

One has a broken zipper on the outer lining, so the inner pillow keeps sliding out. We just keep stuffing it back in day after day… after day.

Another is faded has set-in stains from the dogs using it as a placemat for chewing on hickory-smoked bones (from the supermarket) and pressed rawhide bones — you know how gummy those bones get!

And the other one barely even resembles the dog pillow that it once was. It used to be a double-pillowed pet bed, contained within a colorful outer cover.

One dog shredded the cover and one of the inner pillows during the early days of crate training. The other dog chewed off the zipper and most of one corner during those puppy teething months.


How To Make Doggie Duvet Covers

I recently came across some very simple instructions for making “Doggie Duvets”.

Need a new cover for your pet’s bed? I encourage you to try this simple project. It’s a great way to save a few bucks by doing it yourself …even for someone who HATES to sew! (…like me)

Doggie Duvets 

(From HGTV “Decorating With Style” Episode #DWS-615)


  • 1 pet bed
  • 2 different colors of fleece fabric cut 6″ larger than bed on all sides
  • embroidery thread or needlepoint yarn and needle
  • pinking shears
  • regular scissors
  • 6-8 large, flat colorful buttons
  • chalk


  1. Once bed is measured and fleece fabric is cut, use pinking shears to cut all around fabric for a zigzag edge.
  2. Place both pieces of fabric together right sides facing out. Use straight pins to secure edges together about 2″-3″ in from edge.
  3. Using colorful embroidery thread or needlepoint yarn hand-stitch along edge where pins are placed, leaving a two- to three-inch overhang of fabric. Try a simple hem, whip or any other decorative stitch. Leave an opening of about two feet along one edge (for the bed to fit through). Mark this opening edge with a piece of chalk and remove pins.
  4. Place bed into duvet.
  5. On top half of duvet cover, sew over-sized flat buttons spaced evenly along chalk edge.
  6. On the bottom, line up and mark fabric where buttons are sewn along top edge.
  7. Cut aligning buttonholes with scissors.
  8. Stitch edges of holes with thread or yarn and slip buttons through.
Corry's Couch Dog Bed

Prefer to just start from scratch by making a whole new pet bed?
Here’s one you can make yourself
. No sewing necessary!

Or, you could just start fresh with a new dog bed!…