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Clever Uses For Blue Painter’s Tape When You Have Dogs

Two rolls of blue painters tape.Have some extra blue painters tape lying around the house?

If so, and you’ve got pets, then you just might find the following “painter’s tape tips for people with pets” post helpful… if not hilarious.

Who knew that I could find a whole slew of dog-friendly ways to use up all the leftover painter’s tape that we had on hand?

(We recently painted several rooms in our house.)


Painter’s Tape Has Gone To The Dogs!

If you’ve never used painter’s tape before… it’s like masking tape, but better.

The best part is the fact that it is easily removable, and repositionable (similar to Post-It notes). It holds strong (as any tape should), yet it peels off easily — without damaging the surface.

Try these outside-the-box ideas on for size:

painters-tape-uses#1 – I’ve actually done this for years… Tear off 2 long strips of blue painter’s tape and place an “X” at dog-eye-level on the screen door. This prevents poor-sighted dogs from walking through the screen door. In our case, it has prevented 3 hyperactive and rambunctious dogs from running in and out of the house via the screen patio door on more than one occasion!

#2 – If your dog has really poor eyesight or is a new puppy, then you may wish to do something similar with glass & patio doors at dog-eye-level.

#3 – If you find yourself frequently applying bandages or wraps (say, on hotspots for example), painter’s tape holds well yet comes off easily without pulling out your dog’s fur.

#4 – If your dog is too nervous to go through the doggie door himself, consider this. (Who knew?…)

#5 – Use painter’s tape to label your dog’s belonging when you take him to the vet, the kennel, or to daycare.

#6 – Use a Sharpie to write on painter’s tape and label dog-friendly foods in the refrigerator.

#7 – Remove pet fur …from the sofa, from your dog’s pet bed, from your clothing with a strip of painters tape. (Tip: wrap a piece entirely around the palm of your hand, and you have a DIY lint brush with handle!)

#8 – Use painters tape to keep soft tip toenail grips on your dog’s toenails. The same is true for keeping soft claws nail protectors on your dog’s nails.


I’m sure there are about a dozen more uses for painter’s tape with pets.

If you can think of another one, please do share…

Here are my best uses for painter’s tape that are not related to pets.