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Dog Daycare Tips

21 fun places you can take your dog - for an afternoon, a weekend, or on vacation. From drive-thru's that hand out dog treats to dog summer camps!

Want to make an extra $500 a month dog sitting? I'm a dog sitter sharing my best tips on how to make extra money by offering dog sitting services at home.


No, these aren't business cards for your dog. These are business cards for dog lovers. I can think of lots of ways that these dog business cards could be useful.

Most people who have children have probably taken their kids to some form of daycare. Have you ever thought about taking your dog to daycare? Doggie daycare is a place that your dog can go to have fun during the day and not be stuck at home alone. It's more than just pet sitting.

A well-socialized dog will be much more relaxed in the world and less likely to have unwanted behaviors. Socializing your dog -- as a puppy -- is definitely a win-win for both you and your dog!

Here are the symptoms and treatments for kennel cough -- what to look for, how to prevent it, and how to treat it.

Have some extra blue painters tape lying around the house? If so, and you've got pets, then you just might find the following 'painter's tape tips for people with pets' post helpful... if not hilarious.