Muttluks dog boots are for really cool dogs on really cold days.


They are great for dogs who enjoy the great outdoors… even in the colder, winter months.

Muttluks fleece-lined boots are designed like all-weather boots but with the added warmth and comfort of a fleece lining and a durable toe.

Perfect for cold temperatures and snow.

There are 4 boots to a pack.


muttlucks-booties-for-dogs.jpg Muttlucks dog boots are for really cool dogs on really cold days.

My Review Of Muttluks Dog Boots

I don’t take my dog hiking all that much. And I’ve never been one to dress up my dog either.

But I found a need for dog boots like these when we moved into a new house and the backyard turned into a mud pit each time it rained.

Our dog needed to have a way to do his business and enjoy his freedom in the fenced-in yard, but I needed to have a way to deal with all the mud that he was tracking in on his paws.

Dog boots like these Muttluks were a lifesaver!

It’s a cinch to put them on and take them off.

My dog has never minded them from the very first day — even though he was a little wobbly on his toes at first.

For me, the best part about the Muttluks is the leather tip near the toenail area on each dog boot. I’ve found that’s the first place to wear out on other (less expensive) brands of dog boots.


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