Would You Marry Your Dog? Lots Of People Do! Here’s How To Marry Your Pet

by Lynnette

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Do you love your dog?…

Do you love your dog enough to marry him (or her)?

Bride and her dog.

Believe it or not, lots of people have married their pets!

Here’s the latest buzz about pet weddings…

Who knew you that could actually MARRY your pet?!

Would you marry your dog? Several people would... and have!

In this day & age, I guess I’m not surprised.

Turns out there’s such a thing as a “pet and partners priest” — and Matilda at MarryYourPet.com is one such individual.

From the site:

So, you adore your pet, consult him when channel switching and give him fish every Sunday. But if you really love him and you’re in this for life, isn’t it time you married your pet?

Here is one happy couple’s story (…with photos).

Many more happy couples have shared their stories online too.


Wedding Ceremonies For Pets & People

So, what type of wedding ceremonies do people and their pets have?

Here are the ways that you can marry your dog!

Well, you can choose from:

  • a “small wedding” ($10 certificate only)
  • a “big wedding” ($35 certificate and t-shirt)
  • a “bigger wedding” ($200 certificate, t-shirt and embroidered wall plaque)

You can even give someone a gift certificate to marry their pet! You pre-pay for the small, big, or bigger wedding package, and they get a certificate that says: “Your friend wants you to marry your pet.”

Happiness would never end if you’d only marry your furry friend.


Reasons To Marry Your Dog

Why should you marry your pet, you ask?

Bride Dog: (gulp) What did I agree to?!

Check out these Marry Your Pet FAQs for the answers to your many questions.

See the rules & regulations for marrying your pet. (Rule #1: “This is a contract between you, your pet, and MarryYourPet. It is not recognized by a court of law.”)

Before you take the plunge and marry your dog, you are encouraged to check out this compatibility chart first to see whether you and your pet are “soul mates,” or “made for each other.” Or whether the relationship will be “good but hard work.” Or, if you should “insist on a pre-nup” or “run while you still can.

Here’s another good way to see if you and your dog are compatible.


Dog Weddings Are Fun For All!


By the tone of the pages on the Marry Your Pet website, this is all in good fun.

And by the tone of the messages on the Marry Your Pet message board, many people are having a good time playing along:

I am having an affair with next door’s hamster Squeeks, but I think he’s cheating on me with the milk man. What should I do? I’ve already proposed, but he hasn’t given me an answer yet. — Peter

This woman married her dog on live TV:


More About Marrying Your Dog

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Would you marry your dog? See all the reasons people are marrying their pets!