Dog Health & Wellness

Have a sick dog or a specific dog health question? Dog moms and experts share their personal and professional experiences with dog health issues. Lots of home remedies and tips from veterinarians to help your dog get better… fast! Your dog’s overall health and wellness depends 100% on you. Check these important warnings and updates that could affect your dog. Plus a slew of dangerous pet predicaments to avoid at all costs! Not sure where to begin

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In Case Of Emergency: Pet Sitter & Vet Tips

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Take the time to prepare now so your pet sitter AND your vet will know how to handle an emergency, in the event that you’re out of town and your dog needs help.

Dogs Get Cancer Too…

I recently heard about a group of medical researchers who have banded together in an effort to cure canine cancer. It’s called the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Here’s why I applaud their efforts…