Dogs Get Cancer Too…

by Lynnette

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Fortunately, none of my dogs has ever had cancer (that I know of).

But I have friends whose dogs have died of cancer.

Dogs get cancer too.

It can be quite traumatic.


National Canine Cancer Foundation

I recently heard about a group of medical researchers who have banded together in an effort to cure canine cancer.

Pink Paw car magnet in support of canine cancer.It’s called the National Canine Cancer Foundation.

This group is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona led by a scientific advisory board consisting of veterinary doctors, oncologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists from all across the country (California, Colorado, Indiana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas) who are fighting to put an end to dog cancer.

The Scientific Advisory Board is made up of individuals holding a D.V.M, M.D., or Ph.D. They are all successful and highly regarded researchers in a variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, veterinary researchers, geneticists, and molecular and other biological scientists.

The National Canine Cancer Foundation is currently funding multi-year research projects led by their qualified team of canine researchers.


Personally, I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge and expertise on the board for this group, which is ultimately what sold me on wanting to help their cause.

I made a very small donation to their “We Are The Cure” campaign.

Their goal is to raise $250 million dollars for cancer research in dogs. They are requesting that everyone who visits their website donate $10.

In return for your $10 donation to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, they will send you a Pink Paw magnet — for your car, or your refrigerator — to show that you support canine cancer research. (…I think that’s pretty cool!)


Pink ribbon dog shirt - find a cure for canine cancer. When my Pink Paw magnet arrives, I’ll be sure to take a picture of it on my car, and I will share it here for all to see what the magnet looks like.

Read more about the National Canine Cancer Foundation or make a donation to help with their noble efforts here.

Check out this doggie t-shirt featuring the “cancer awareness pink ribbon”…



Exactly 6 days later, I got my Pink Paw Magnet in the mail!

It’s very classy looking:

National Canine Cancer Foundation magnet.Now I’m not sure if I want to display it on the refrigerator, or on the car:

Pink Paw magnet on my car.