IAMS Savory Sauces For Dog Food: A Review

by Lynnette

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IAMS Savory Sauces for dry dog food. When it comes to dog food & treats, I’ve never been one to splurge on “extras” just as as gravy or sauces for dog food.

But when our adult dog stopped eating and started losing weight, we found IAMS Savory Sauce to be the perfect solution!

IAMS says:

Spoil your dog healthy every day by topping his food with these delicious home-style sauces.

I was introduced to IAMS Savory Sauces through their offer for a FREE sample. (I first heard about it here.)

I tend to shop conservatively, and I don’t usually splurge on products like this, but when I find a product that my dogs like, then I usually stick with it for years.

…I think this is one I’m sticking with!

Reasons To Sauce Things Up

I’ve never indulged my dogs with a product like this mixed in with their regular food before. I figured… as long as they were eating their food alright and getting their proper nutrition, then I didn’t see the need.

However, after we introduced a new puppy into our home, our 3-year-old dog wasn’t eating as much. He was less interested in food. And when he did get hungry, he ate far less than he used to.

After several months, we started to notice he had lost quite a bit of weight, so we decided to try the free sample of IAMS Savory Sauce that we’d received. The goal was to get him back to eating the proper amount of dog food for his age & weight.

My Dog LOVES This Stuff!

Destin loves IAMS Savory Sauces! I poured a teaspoon or so of IAMS Savory Sauce (sizzlin’ bacon flavor) onto Destin’s regular dog food, then mixed it up a bit. He LOVED it, and he ate up every last pellet of dog food that was in his bowl.

We tried not adding the “special sauce” to his very next bowl of dog food, but he noticed. He wouldn’t touch a bite.

So, we’ve been adding IAMS Savory Sauce to his regular food every single day since then.

As a result, Destin gained most of his weight back, and he thoroughly enjoys mealtimes now!

More About IAM Savory Sauces

IAMS Savory Sauce is the perfect complement to dry dog food. Not only is your dog getting a HUGE flavor boost, and you are getting some peace of mind knowing that your dog is getting the proper vitamins, minerals, and overall nutrition that he needs.

From the IAMS website:

  • Pour into your dog’s food and stir
  • Made with real meat or poultry and garden vegetables
  • Fortified with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Low in calories and fat
  • 85% fewer calories than alternative mixing
  • Beet pulp for healthier digestion


Why We Continue To Buy IAMS Savory Sauces

In my opinion, these are the best things about IAMS Savory Sauces:

  • Lots of delicious flavors... just for dogs! I bought the convenient variety pack. Variety of flavors (…beef, chicken, bacon)
  • Powerful flavor (…I can tell by the smell!)
  • Large bottle that lasts a long time (…great value for the price)
  • An easy-open flip-cap for quick, no-mess pouring (…similar to a ketchup bottle)
  • No refrigeration required (…perfect when you don’t feed your dogs anywhere near the refrigerator!)

IAMS Savory Sauce is designed to last up to one month without refrigeration after opening!

Your dog will love it, guaranteed! IAMS even offers a 100% money-back guarantee!