Dog Care 101

First, some things you need to think about BEFORE bringing your new dog home (like whether you should get a puppy vs. an older dog, which dog breed is best for you, and how to puppyproof your house inside & outside). Then, important things you should do during the very first days home with your new dog that will make potty training and sleeping go a whole lot smoother. Finally, fun ways to get to know your dog better and begin the bonding process. Not sure where to begin with your new dog?

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I can't say it any better than these folks. See why experts in the field agree... it's never a good idea to give a puppy as a gift, despite the fact that it may seem like the best thing to do. Here are 10 heartfelt stories, revealing why Christmas puppies are never a good idea.

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Aside from the typical poisonous plants, antifreeze, and chocolate that we dog owners hear so much about, there are a number of far more common household dangers that dog owners should also be aware of. Here are some other household dangers you should consider:

Dogs frequently like to look out windows and screen doors, but it's important to realize the many dangers that lurk around windows and doors when it comes to your pet. Here's what you need to know... some little-known facts that could save your dog's life!