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WARNING: Graphic Videos and Pictures of Dog’s Tongue Caught In Paper Shredder

dog-tongue-in-shredder.jpg I’ve written about this before

Recently, I heard of another case of a dog getting its tongue caught in a paper shredder.

So now seems like as good a time as any to remind everyone of the truly horrific consequences that could result if your dog is allowed anywhere near your paper shredder.

See more photos and videos below…

Dogs And Paper Shredders

If your paper shredder is anywhere within your dog’s reach, then you’re putting your dog in harm’s way — increasing the odds that your dog will accidentally get his tail (or its tongue!) caught inside the grinders.

This could cause serious permanent damage to your dog’s tongue or tail.

With some dogs, the damage has been so great they had to be euthanized.

Even dogs that are lucky enough to survive lead compromised lives . . . They have to be on soft diets, and they have to learn how to swallow again.


Don’t Let This Happen To Your Dog…

New standards will make the paper slot thinner so little fingers can’t get inside. The blades will be further away from the opening, adding more safety. Many of the shredders on the shelves already have these safety features, but even when the new standards are fully in force, plenty of old shredders will still be used.


Prevent This From Happening To Your Dog

Here are some things you can do right now to prevent something like this from happening to your dog:

  • Unplug paper shredders when not in use.
  • Store paper shredders out of reach of pets (and, of course, children, especially those under 5, who can also be victims of shredder accidents). Make sure that the shredder is located in a place that is “pounce proof” — since acrobatic kitties that jump atop shredders can also do terrible damage to themselves.
  • To avoid attracting pets, never put food wrappers through paper shredders.
  • Do not leave paper shredders on the “automatic” setting.
  • When buying a paper shredder, look for one with a protective bar over the opening.