Dog Birthday Parties: Unique Ideas For A DIY Dog Birthday Party

birthday-party-dog.jpgI was surprised to learn how many dog owners actually celebrate the birthdays of their beloved pets by throwing Dog Birthday Parties and serving Dog Birthday Cakes.

Here are the fun facts…

Plus all the details for you to have your very own Dog Birthday Party!


Happy Birthday, Destin!

Yesterday was Destin‘s 3rd birthday. (Which, by the way, happened to be same day that Tenor finally wrapped up his last round of puppy vaccinations at 5 months of age.)

This got me wondering:
How many dog owners actually celebrate their dog’s birthday?

Here’s what I found…

Destin, the birthday dog.

Who Celebrates A Dog’s Birthday?

> According to a Psychology Today magazine survey (to which 13,000 readers responded), one-quarter of the respondents said they actually celebrate their pet’s birthday.

> According to a National Pet Owner Survey of 1,019 pet owners, 50% actually celebrate their pet’s birthday, while 79% give their pets holiday or birthday presents. Common gifts: “a play toy” or “snacks”, followed by “clothing”.

> According to an American Pet Association Poll of 17,121 pet owners, 9,843,962 dog owners celebrate their dogs’ birthdays in the following ways (in this order):

Dog party hat plates.

  • Give dog a special treat
  • Make dog a special meal
  • Give dog a cake
  • Give dog a new toy
  • Give dog ice cream
  • birthday-party-for-dogs.jpgGive dog a new bone
  • Sing or wish dog happy birthday
  • Give dog a party with other dogs or pets
  • Take dog to favorite place
  • Take Photographs


Check out this Pampered Puppy’s Guide To Throwing A Birthday Party For Your Dog. They cover everything here… from who to invite… to party locations… to foods to serve… to specific activities all dogs will enjoy!

Here are even more novel games, activities, decorations, and fun tips for planning Dog Birthdays & Parties.


Dog Birthday Party Supplies

Thinking of going the “party” route with your dog? Here are some excellent resources for Dog Birthday Party supplies:

Schnauzer dog birthday party. Fun Stuff For Birthday Dogs

Birthday Celebration Dog “Pawty” Packs

Dog Birthday Party Supplies

Hot Diggity Dog Happy Birthday Dog

Bow Wow Dog Party Supplies

Build-Your-Own Dog Gift Basket

Bow Wow Collection Of Doggie Gift Baskets

Doggone Good Party & Birthday Supplies

Don’t worry, if you want to throw a party, but you’re fretting over things like: who would actually come (and who wouldn’t), who would get along (and who wouldn’t), and which activities the dogs would actually enjoy (and which ones would be duds).

You could always throw an online dog birthday party instead! Yep, Internet-savy dogs will paws-itively enjoy interacting with fellow canines and sharing bow-wow’s online.


All The Birthday Trimmings For Dogs

Happy Birthday cheeseburger for dogs. Of course, you’ll want to serve up some one-of-a-kind doggie treats on your pet’s special day.

Check out these dog birthday cakes you can special order — or make yourself! (Then again, you could always just stick a candle in your favorite dog-friendly food and call it a Birthday Cake!)

These doggie gift bags, wrapping paper, and curling ribbon supplies are just what the doggie ordered — each stamped with paw prints, in honor of the occasion. (Here’s even more.)

…And don’t forget the card!

These edible dog greeting cards will be appreciated by your canine friend — if not for the sentiment, then for the flavor!

There's nothing like steak for a birthday cake!

Dog Birthday Bandanas

dog-bandana.jpg Are dog birthday hats not going to work for your dog? Consider a dog birthday bandana instead!


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