Got Pet Stains? Tech Stain Remover Works Great On Dog Stains!

by Lynnette

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gallon-jar-tech-stain-remover The best spot and stain remover I have ever found is TECH Stain Remover.

It gets out any stain — from KoolAid to pasta sauce to virtually pet stain under the sun, including smelly urine odors!

We have used this product, exclusively, for years now.

We learned about TECH from our home builder who recommended it for paint that had dripped onto our new carpet.

It really works — even on set-in stains.

These days we use it primarily for pet stains.


How Well Does It Work On Pet Stains?

We’ve learned firsthand that it gets out practically any stain — from fruit juice, to pasta sauce, to blood, and any other pet stain under the sun.

Besides carpets, it works on clothing and upholstery too.

If you’re tired of stain removers that don’t work, I’d highly recommend you try TECH Stain Remover.

I can personally attest to the fact that it does really work! Tech Stain Remover 8oz small bottle.

Locally, I get TECH Stain Remover at Ace Hardware, but it’s also available on Amazon.

I buy it in the 1-gallon jug each time.

Plus I purchased one of the 8oz bottles, which I keep upstairs for quick treatment on spills.


How Well Does It Work On Pet Odors?

Pet odors are usually very hard to remove from a home… especially the carpet.

In my many years of being a dog owner, I have tried lots of other pet-specific products made specifically for removing urine stains and smells that occur during housebreaking.

NOTHING has worked as well as TECH Stain Remover… even on the smelly urine odors! (Super Clean in the purple bottle comes close.)

Still, for my own peace of mind, I usually go over any urine stains with my Bissell carpet cleaner afterwards, just to make sure there’s no chance of the odor returning.

Wondering what’s in TECH Stain Remover? Check out the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for a full list of ingredients.