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Want to teach your dog how to balance a treat on his nose? Here's how to do the 'treat on the nose' trick -- step by step.

Photos of dogs riding on motorcycles... at fast speeds! I never thought I'd see this in person - but I did. If dog motorcycle riding is your thing, please invest in a trailer for the dog!

How do you help a scared or nervous dog? (2 ways!) Should you comfort a scared dog? (No, see why.) How can I make my nervous dog more confident? (3 easy things you can do!)

Dog ears are 10x more sensitive, so fireworks are likely to cause your dog some anxiety. 11 ways to keep a dog from stressing + 7 ways to calm a nervous dog

Stuck at home? Can't go outside? Here's how to get organized AND save money while spending quality time with your dog at the same time!

How to do Halloween without stressing out your dog! Don't let your dog get anxious, ill, or injured due to your own negligence. He trusts you to keep him safe!

Do you love your dog?... Do you love your dog enough to marry him -- or her? Lots of people have married their pets... here's the latest buzz about pet weddings.

50% of all dog owners celebrate their dog's birthday by throwing a Dog Birthday Party. Here are the fun facts + Fun ideas for hosting a Dog Birthday Party!

Have a dog (or 2 dogs), but no fenced-in yard? You'll enjoy these DIY dog tie-out ideas! See the overhead dog trolley system that we use for our 2 dogs.