How To Do Loose Leash Walking With Your Dog & Put An End To Pulling Once And For All!

When walking your dog on a leash, do you keep the leash tight? Most people do. However, once you decide to give loose leash walking a try, I’m confident that you’ll find loose leash walking is MUCH more comfortable — and enjoyable — for both you and your dog!

Dog Clothing 101 ~ How To Get Your Dog To Wear A Halloween Costume Or Other Clothes For Dogs

Getting dogs to wear dog clothing and Halloween costumes can be tricky. These are the best tips for getting your dog dressed up without making him uncomfortable. Plus what to do if your dog doesn’t like wearing clothing or costumes at all! And… if you’re going to dress up your dog for Halloween, I’ve got some great tips to ensure that your dog remains happy (and safe) throughout the day… or the entire event.

Dog Afraid Of Car Rides? Here’s How To Get Your Dog Comfortable With Riding In The Car

Often, when a dog is having a hard time with car rides it is an issue from the dog’s past. Somewhere the dog decided that car rides are bad, or even that cars altogether are bad things! Here are the steps for getting your dog comfortable with car rides…