My Dog’s Favorite Brand Of Dog Food

by Lynnette

Dog Food Brands & Human Foods For Dogs

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I’ve written about the fact that choosing the right dog food is a very personal decision for a dog owner.

And there is no one right answer to the question “What is the best dog food?”

Here’s what I feed my dogs, and why.


What I Feed My Dogs

I am definitely not a dog food snob. Far from it.

There are several different brands, types, and varieties of dog food that I have fed my dogs through the years.

The 2 which I have stuck with the longest:

Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food

Bil Jac Frozen Dog Food


Many would debate my choices. Others would pat me on the back.

How did I come to settle on these 2 brands of dog food?

  • By asking veterinarians through the years for their opinions and recommendations.
  • By asking veterinarians and their assistants what they feed their own dogs.
  • By asking professional dog trainers what they feed their dogs and what they think of X brand or Y brand of dog food.
  • By asking other pet owners what dog foods they have tried and which ones they like the best and the least.
  • By sampling various different dog food brands and varieties and seeing how my own dogs respond to each one.


UPDATE: We Switched Dog Food Brands

Soon after we got our youngest dog, Tenor, we made the switch from commercial dog food that is found in pet stores and grocery stores (Nutro Natural Choice) to a private label brand of dog food that is delivered to our home (Nature’s Select).

It includes 100% natural ingredients and the price (delivered!) is the same as what I was paying for the nationally-recognized brand of dog food.

See why I like Nature’s Select dog food.