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Tips For Dealing With Shedding Dogs

A word to the wise: Even breeds that “don’t shed” actually do shed. They just don’t shed as much.

How to deal with a shedding dog.

The best way to lessen the amount of dog fur around your house is to simply brush your dog more. That way, you’re catching most of your dog’s fur in the pet brush, rather then picking it all up later… around your house.

Which is the best flooring when you have dogs?… Hardwood? Tile? Carpet? I would definitely say smooth surfaces (hardwoods & tiling) are better than carpeted surfaces for repelling dog fur. While we haven’t made the switch to all-smooth surface flooring yet (that’ll be in our next home!), we currently have half carpet and half hardwood in our home… and without a doubt, the carpet is the most difficult to keep free of pet hair!

I'm too sexy for my fur...

Check out these great tips for dealing with your dog’s shedding problem and how to remove pet hair from all your stuff!