My Tribute To Destin… Who Is Playing With Jersey Somewhere Fun

by Lynnette

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destin-showing-his-age.jpgTogether, Jim and I have had 3 dogs.

First, there was Jersey, who was “my dog” first but welcomed Jim into our lives with open arms. Then came Destin, the dog we found under a dumpster. And then, Destin’s “brother from another mother”, Tenor. There was actually a point in time where we had all three under one roof at the same time. But now there’s only Tenor.

Our buddy Destin recently went to chase rainbows in the sky and to play with Jersey in fields that are forever green.

More About Our “Rescue Dog”

Destin was the coolest dog. Very sweet. Very playful. Very smart. Very loyal.

And as he got older, very aggressive — especially toward his younger brother Tenor, and eventually toward us as well. (But we didn’t hold that against him… two different vets thought he might have had a brain tumor or something to make him behave so violently.)


He was a good dog who did a lot of “good dog” things. We remember the happy times.

Jim and I have lots of incredible (and fun!) memories of our times with Destin. We thoroughly enjoyed the many years that he spent with us — he played such an active role in our lives and went everywhere with us!

Some have asked if we’ll get another dog now — to keep Tenor company. Our first (and last) thought is NO. The time just doesn’t seem right.

For one, Tenor deserves some time and space to “come into his own”. He’s only a year old. And we are eager to see how Tenor adjusts to not having Destin around here anymore.

I know it will be very hard for Jim and I. But we’re confident that Destin is happy. And he and Jersey were always best buds anyway, so they’re probably doing something really fun together right now… like chasing bunny rabbits and squirrels.


…Go get ’em, Destin!