States With Pet-Friendly License Plates

Do you have an animal license plate?

Here are some pet-friendly state license plates.

If you love animals — especially dogs and cats — then you might be interested in getting a pet-friendly license plate for your car.

See all states where you can get pet license tags below.


Did You Know?

New Jersey license plate in support of pets. In 1993, New Jersey became the first state to create a specialty license plate in support of the family pet, specifically cats and dogs.

The Prevent a Litter Coalition, Inc. (PALC) now lists all states with animal-friendly plates, as well as other state fundraising tools and pet population programs.

The cost for a pet-friendly license plate in each state is also listed.

Check it out here.

Tennessee pet license plates. And, check out this summary detailing the nationwide status of Animal-Friendly license plates, so you can see what your state is currently doing.

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