Cujo Leash: One Of The Best Shock Absorbing Leashes For Dogs That Pull


I was recently given a Cujo leash¬†to review with my 95 lb dog, Tenor. The Cujo leash by Ezy Dog is different from most dog leashes because it has a springy, shock-absorbing section that 'gives' a little bit (like a stiff bungee cord) when your dog pulls or tries to walk faster than you. This type of shock absorption in a leash is great for reminding your dog that he's supposed to be walking right by your side, heeling rather than pulling. It also has the bonus of not hurting your dog … [Read more...]

Best Cars For Dog Owners + What To Look For In A Dog-Friendly Vehicle


If you have a dog and you're thinking about getting a new car, then you probably want it to be a dog-friendly vehicle. The first time my husband and I went car shopping together (several years ago), we kept our dog in the back of our mind while studying the features of various cars and SUVs. We ultimately decided on a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. And recently, we traded in our second vehicle -- a compact sedan -- for another Jeep. This one is a newer Grand Cherokee, and it happens to be … [Read more...]

Dog Houses 101: How To Choose The Best Dog House… Or Build Your Own


Early man realized that a partnership of sorts with dogs would be beneficial to both the human and canine species. Companionship, hunting, and even guard duties made dogs an important part of day-to-day living. The same is true today. To that end, your dog requires a proper shelter -- a simple, yet practical retreat that will protect him from the elements. If your dog primarily resides outdoors, then without a doubt, a dog house is a must. If yours is an indoor dog, then a dog house … [Read more...]

Create Professional Dog Business Cards… In Minutes!


No, these aren't business cards for your dog. (Well, I guess they could be if you wanted them to be -- if your dog is that popular at the dog park!) These are business cards for dog lovers. I can think of lots of ways that these cards could be useful. The best part: it's super simple to design your own high-quality, professional dog business cards¬†yourself!   … [Read more...]

How To Build A Dog Ramp Yourself


My 4-year-old dog Lucy had to have back surgery recently.  It was due to a combination of things: the neighbor's dog attacked her and she fell off the porch in the process of trying to get away.  Then she jumped off another tall porch. Unfortunately, little legs and big jumps don't mix.  I knew the day would come with back issues -- it just happens with Dachshunds -- but I did not expect it this soon.  Fortunately, she recovered quickly. Ever since Lucy's back surgery, … [Read more...]

How I Made A Dog Crate Table From An Old Piece Of Furniture


Since my new house is so small, I wanted every little spot to look good and have usable space.   The plastic dog kennel I had just did not fit in.  So I went on the hunt for something nicer.   I knew there were furniture type kennels (like these dog crate tables), but I did not realize how expensive they were!   With that, I started looking at my own pieces of furniture to see what I could modify to make my own dog crate table.   Here's how I built a dog crate table … [Read more...]

The Best Dog Ringtones & Barking Dog iPhone Apps


Have you ever heard a dog barking, looked around, but didn't see a dog?Then, coincidentally, you notice someone nearby answering their cell phone?It was probably a dog ringtone!Dog ringtones are a fun way to show you love dogs. One thing's for sure... they're definitely attention-getters.Here are some fun dog sounds for your cell phone...  … [Read more...]

Video Instructions For Making Dog Flowers – Fun Floral Arrangements In The Shape Of Dogs


Dog flowers are flower arrangements made to look like dogs.  They can be made from fresh cut flowers or artificial flowers.  Dog flowers would make a great gift for the dog lover in your life.  And the best part: you can make them yourself! Dog flowers can be made to look like everything from a puppy to a Poodle.  You can even use real dogs by placing them behind a painted picture of a flower. It would be fun to make your own dog flower basket.  To make your own dog … [Read more...]