I Found The Best Dog Poop Bags & Dog Poop Bag Holder… Finally!

Got a dog? Then you need to find some dog waste bags and a dog poop bag holder or dispenser that you like. The bags… I’m not so particular about. That’s the easy part. But finding a dog poop bag holder that you like… now that’s a whole different story. I found it!

Should Driving With A Dog On Your Lap Or Unrestrained In Your Car Be Against The Law?

If you drive with your dog unrestrained in your car (which means the dog has the freedom to roam from your lap… to the back seat… front seat… and from window to window) and you live in California, then you may be breaking the law soon. I have to say, as much as I have been guilty of doing this in the past, I think driving with lapdogs should be outlawed… and in all states. Here’s the scoop about the new lapdog law regarding drivers with unrestrained dogs in the vehicle…