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Pet Warnings And Dangers

Thousands of dogs get canine parvovirus each year. Of those, 15% will die. Without treatment, 100% will die. What you need to know about dog parvo disease: the symptoms of parvo, how it's spread, and the treatment for parvo.

Pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus, is a potentially deadly condition that affects unspayed female dogs. Symptoms & treatment for pyometra in dogs.

Get answers to your dog questions right away -- online -- from verified pet experts. What's your dog question?


A dog can still get deadly heartworms even if the dog is on a preventative. If you're like me, you still keep your dog on heartworm treatment year round for the following reasons.

We found our rescue dog under a dumpster. The vet diagnosed him with Sarcoptic Mites (aka Mange or Scabies) and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (a blood disease). He passed the Scabies onto ME and our other dog. Here's what it was like.

Since most lost dogs end up in shelters where they are either adopted or euthanized, it's important to microchip your dog in order to prevent this from happening to your dog AND to make it easier for you to be reunited with your dog should you ever become separated.

As part of puppy-proofing your house, make sure you never leave loose change lying around... especially pennies! Pennies have zinc in them and zinc is fatal to dogs. As seen in this video, the secret to a dog's survival after swallowing one or more pennies is early removal!

Here are 10 life-threatening dog behavior myths that many dog owners believe to be true. Better yet, see WHY each of these is detrimental to your dog's behavior and your own sanity!

Here are 5 dog skin conditions that can be passed on to humans. However, believe it or not, your dog can pass a skin condition to you without having the skin condition himself! Here's what you need to know about dog skin conditions.