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Outdoor Fun With Dogs

Even if you don't have any sewing skills (like me) here are 6 DIY dog Halloween costumes you can make yourself with very little effort. See photos + video.

50% of all dog owners celebrate their dog's birthday by throwing a Dog Birthday Party. Here are the fun facts + Fun ideas for hosting a Dog Birthday Party!

Have a dog (or 2 dogs), but no fenced-in yard? You'll enjoy these DIY dog tie-out ideas! See the overhead dog trolley system that we use for our 2 dogs.

I have 2 large dogs. They pretty much go wherever I go! See my list of dog travel necessities (7 dog car safety items + 7 clever dog travel accessories) -- the most important things to pack for dog car travel, plus a few clever dog car accessories you probably haven't thought of.

I think Beau's Dream Dog Park at Buchanan Park is the best off leash dog park in Lancaster PA. What you can expect + Tips for enjoying this beautiful park.

Want to make an extra $500 a month dog sitting? I'm a dog sitter sharing my best tips on how to make extra money by offering dog sitting services at home.

Dogmobiles: An up-to-date list of the best cars for dog owners. Plus some things that you should look for in a vehicle that your dog will be riding in.

In case you were wondering if dogs like snow or not, these dogs prove that snow can provide hours of fun. You'll love this video showing 2 dogs skiing down the hill again... and again!


Whether you buy a dog house or build a dog house, there are lots of types, sizes & styles to choose from. Dog house ideas from practical, to fun, to fancy!