Funny Dog Snow Videos: Dogs Body Sliding Down Snowy Hills!

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dog-skiingIn case you were wondering if dogs like snow or not, these dogs prove that snow can provide hours of fun!

My favorite parts from the video:

  • They ‘doggie paddle’ to propel themselves down the hill.
  • They snack along the way, munching on snow as they’re sliding.
  • They stay out of each other’s way.
  • They’re fully aware when they’re getting close to the trees.
  • They stop to enjoy a good snowy backrub at times (similar to a doggie snow angel).
  • They enjoy the downhill ride so much, that they don’t mind running back up the hill to do it all again.
  • The pure joy that shows on their faces… and tails!

Enjoy the video!…

Funny Dog Sledding Down Snow Hill

As cute as it is to see big pawed dogs run around like little puppies, they need to be watched carefully for signs of dehydration. Snow poisoning is a recent term for a dog who is essentially dying of thirst, surrounded by snow. Snow is frozen water yet it has very little amount of actual water in it. So, the next time that you are out in the snow playing with your dog, make sure that you have some real water handy for them to drink when they need it. ~Big Dog Blog


And here’s another dog who enjoys doing the same thing in the snow: dog sledding, or body sliding!


More Fun Dog Snow Activities

Here are some excellent winter dog safety tips and fun ideas to try. Many of these I wouldn’t have thought of.