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Wildlife And Your Dog

Some interesting one-on-one confrontations that have occurred between our dogs and wild animals. What you should do if your dog has a run-in with wildlife.

Our dog found a rabbit hole in our backyard. His attention couldn't be diverted away from the bunnies until the last one left the nest. Photos of dogs & bunnies.

What should you do when your dog catches (but doesn't kill) wildlife? My dog caught some baby bunny rabbits. Here's what I did. And some tips I've learned!

If you live in Arizona, Florida, or parts of California and you have a dog... listen up! Dog frog poisoning is a reality. Here are the toads to watch for and what to do if your dog comes in contact with a poisonous toad.

Wear rubber gloves when removing dog skunk odor from your dog! photo by Piddleville on Flickr

Has your dog been skunked and you're not sure how to get out the smell? Here's how to get the skunk smell out of your dog's coat. Plus tips for dealing with other wildlife that may get your dog's attention.

How do you know Spring has arrived?... Your dog takes an unusual interest in the clothes dryer. At least that's how it works in OUR home. Each spring, the birds build their nests inside our dryer vent... and our dog just won't stand for that!

Here's a silly story about two dogs who organized their own Easter Egg Hunt... complete with real-life bunnies and chocolate Easter eggs hidden in the grass. In other words... how two dogs terrorized a family of rabbits in our backyard and munched on rabbit poo for a week!