15 Tips For Safe Summer Fun For You And Your Dog!

It’s important to keep your dog’s health and safety high in the forefront, so summertime will be a fun time, rather than a tragic time for your dog. Following are some things to watch out for this summer, in order to make sure that your dog is around to enjoy many long hot summers for years to come.

How To Make Pooch Smoothies, Yogurt Cups, And Puppy Popsicles For Dogs

Pooch Smoothies are ice cube sized popsicle treats for your dog — minus the stick. You might also call them Yogurt Cups for Pups… or Puppy Popsicles. The best part: They’re made with all the same ingredients you would use to make a Fruit Smoothie for yourself! Here’s how to make them.

WARNING: Dogs Can Fall Out Of Car Windows… Even When They’re Rolled Up!

Lately, I’ve been seeing so many people riding around with their dogs in the car. Some have the windows completely down. Others have the windows partially rolled up, hoping to keep their dog from jumping out. I’m here to tell you: A dog can fall out of a window that is half-way or even most of the way rolled up!

Do Dogs Need To Wear Life Vests When Boating?

Does a dog have to wear a lifevest when on board a boat? Everyone knows that people have to wear lifejackets on boats, but do dogs? Here’s what you need to know about dogs and life vests.


My Dog Caught A Bunny Rabbit… What Should I Do?

I’ve often wondered what we should do, on those rare occasions when your dog actually catches — but doesn’t kill — some form of wildlife. In our case recently, it was a couple of baby bunny rabbits. Here’s what I learned… and what we did.

Dog Beach Guide: Top 10 Dog-Friendly Beaches

Use this dog beach guide to find the best dog beaches all across the U.S. If you’ll be traveling with your dog, one of these dog-friendly beaches might be near your destination!