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Car Rides With Dogs


Don't leave your dog in the car on a warm day - even if windows are down! If you see a dog in a hot car, here's what you should do. See all dog hot car laws

Often, when a dog is having a hard time with car rides it is an issue from the dog's past. Somewhere the dog decided that car rides are bad, or even that cars altogether are bad things! Here are the steps for getting your dog comfortable with car rides...

Dogs and cats are now covered by most car insurance companies -- at no extra cost to you, the pet owner -- should they be injured in an auto accident! Well... almost.

If you drive with your dog unrestrained in your car (which means the dog has the freedom to roam from your lap... to the back seat... front seat... and from window to window) and you live in California, then you may be breaking the law soon. I have to say, as much as I have been guilty of doing this in the past, I think driving with lapdogs should be outlawed... and in all states. Here's the scoop about the new lapdog law regarding drivers with unrestrained dogs in the vehicle...

If your dog ever leaves the house, then here are some things you should do to assure that you are always prepared should you dog become separated from you -- or lost. And what to do in case of emergency. The best tip: prepare NOW by doing these simple things.

There are a few things that I always have on me any time I'm out & about with my dog. I take different things, depending on whether we're going for a walk vs going for a ride in the car. Here's what we take...

Lately, I've been seeing so many people riding around with their dogs in the car. Some have the windows completely down. Others have the windows partially rolled up, hoping to keep their dog from jumping out. I'm here to tell you: A dog can fall out of a window that is half-way or even most of the way rolled up!

Do you have an animal license plate? If you love animals -- especially dogs and cats -- then you might be interested in getting a pet-friendly license plate for your car. Here are the states where you can get pet license tags.

Dogs love Jeeps... here's proof! Check out our dog's first ride in our 1990 Jeep Wrangler... with the top down! Followed by a picture of our dog's first ride in our 2004 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.